This Is Not About You Anymore

Janie and her best friend Nala are huge Directioners. One day, they get a once in a lifetime chance. They see Harry and Louis at the mall. The boys ask them if they wanted to meet the rest of the band. Of course they say yes, and things get complicated. Janie starts to fall for Zayn and so does Nala. Love triangles break out and things get complicated. Will Nala and Janie still be friends, or will the lovley Zayn be the end of them?


2. The Mall

 "OMG, I love this shirt!!" I yelled over to Nala.  She came running over to the clothes rack that I was at.  "That is the cutest!!! You should totally buy it!" It was a red and white striped shirt that had a One Direction logo on the front.  "It reminds me of Louis." I said.  When we bought our things and headed out of the store, I saw a flash of stripes and curly hair.  'No, that was probably just some other boys running around the mall.  Just put it out of your mind.  That was not Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.  You're probably just thinking about the shirt you bought.'  "CARROTS!!!!!!" an unmistakible yell rang through the mall.  "Did you hear that?" Nala whispered to me.  "Yeah" I whispered back. 

 Nala and I walked into the Aeropostale store and started to browse.  "Louis!!!" I heard someone yell in a thick British accent.  Nala and I both looked up from the clothes that we were looking at and comparing.  Curly hair, bright green eyes, and a perfect white smile came around the corner.  "Have any of you girls seen a guy running around in the store wearing suspenders and stripes?" Harry Styles asked.  "No, but he might be over in the other corner of the store." Nala and I said in unison.  He walked off saying 'thank you'.  Nala turned to me wide eyed, "What the hell just happened?" Nala didn't usually cuss, but when she did, she was usually very mad or very freaked out.  "I don't know but Harry Freaking Styles just talked to us" I had never been that excited in my 18 years of my life. 

                                            ************HARRY'S P.O.V************

 "No, but he might be over in the other corner of the store." the girls said.  I sneaked over to the tiered display fixture.  "Aha!!" I yelled as I grabbed the collar of Louis's shirt.  "Get off me!!!" Louis yelled.  I let his collar go and we walked back to the girls standing by the womens clothes.  "Well, hello ladies." Louis said.  I hit him on the arm, giving him a warning that they might have boyfriends.  "Ouch..." Louis said rubbing his arm.  "Well, thank you for helping me get this animal back in his cage." Harry said sarcasticlly.  "No problem" one of the girls said smiling.  "Would you girls like to go out for lunch tomorrow?" Harry asked.  The girls looked at each other.  We didn't even know their names, yet we were asking them out to lunch.  "Ok" they answered finally.  "Ok then, oh, might I ask your names?" I asked.  "I'm Janie and this is Nala." Janie answered after recovering from shock.  "Well, we'll see you tomorrow then." I told them as Louis and I walked away.  "Bye" Janie and Nala said in unison.

                                                 **********JANIE'S P.O.V**********

  Nala and I walked out of the mall speachless.  When we got to the car, Nala finally broke the scilence,"What are we going to wear?" she asked me.  "I don't know, maybe the new clothes we bought?  Plus they didn't say where we would be going." I said.  "Maybe Louis will text me." Nala told me.  Harry and I, and Nala and Louis had swapped phone numbers.  Sure enough, Louis texted Nala as soon as we got home.  'We're going 2 Nando's for lunch', the text read.  At least we weren't going any where fancy.

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