This Is Not About You Anymore

Janie and her best friend Nala are huge Directioners. One day, they get a once in a lifetime chance. They see Harry and Louis at the mall. The boys ask them if they wanted to meet the rest of the band. Of course they say yes, and things get complicated. Janie starts to fall for Zayn and so does Nala. Love triangles break out and things get complicated. Will Nala and Janie still be friends, or will the lovley Zayn be the end of them?



 "Nala!!!" I shouted as my best friend walked through the front door, "How are you?" I asked her after I let the spunky 18 year old go.  "Good, and you? You look even better than when I last saw you!!!!" she said.  I blushed.  No one had said that in a long time.  "I'm good, thanks. Do you want me to go and get your bags?"  "No, my dad is going to be bringing them in." she said while sitting down on the couch.  I sat next to her.  "So, you still a Directioner?" I asked her.  "Yeah!!!!! What kind of question is that!?!?!?" she practically screamed.  "Woah, woah. Ok then. Thanks for making me lose my hearing! Just asking!" Her dad walked in just then.  "Hello Mr. Livingston." I said politely.  Nala's mom passed away when she was 3 and her dad never re-married.  "Hello Janie." he said smiling.  Mr. Livingston put Nala's bags down in the living room, in front of the coffee table.  "Well, have fun Nala.  I'll be back the Monday after next to pick you up.  Stay out of trouble. Love you." he hugged Nala who mumbled 'love you too'.  When the rumble of the SUV died down, Nala got out her new i-Phone 5 and started to blast One Direction's Live While We're Young.  We sang along to other ones when we finally fell back down on the couch, out of breath and laughing.  My parents were out of town, so we had the house to our selves for a little while.  "Wooo! I..think..I' going to bed now."  Nala panted.  "Nala Marie Rose Livingston, this night has just begun.  Lets go to the mall!!!!!"  "Well, what time is it?" "10 'till 7."  "Ok then, where are the keys?" Nala asked.  "In the garage" I answered. "Let's go then!!!!!" she exclaimed.

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