This Is Not About You Anymore

Janie and her best friend Nala are huge Directioners. One day, they get a once in a lifetime chance. They see Harry and Louis at the mall. The boys ask them if they wanted to meet the rest of the band. Of course they say yes, and things get complicated. Janie starts to fall for Zayn and so does Nala. Love triangles break out and things get complicated. Will Nala and Janie still be friends, or will the lovley Zayn be the end of them?


5. Are You Kidding Me?

 Liam and I walked out of Nando's, undetected.  "What's wrong, love?"  I kept my gaze on the ground, my arms crossed in-front of me.  I was cold.  Storm clouds were moving in and my hair was blowing back.

 **********LIAM'S P.O.V**********

 Nala looked beautiful in the wind with her blonde hair blowing back.  "Nala, answer me, please." I said.  She looked up with tears in her eyes.  Nala opened hre mouth to speak, but closed it and started to cry.  I walked up to her and put her hands in mine.  "Janie..." she said vaguley.  "What about her?" I asked.  "Sh-she is getting really close to Zayn, a-and, I-I, d-don't want her to be hurt again." Nala said sobbing now.  I hugged her, "Let's get in some shelter, it's starting to rain."  I led her to my car.  I got into the driver's side and Nala got into the passenger's.  Nala started to tell her story.

**********NALA'S P.O.V**********

 I had calmed down enough to tell Liam about Terrance.  "Well, when Janie and I went to the same school, this guy named Terrance started to go out with Janie.  They were really happy for about 10 months.  But then he started to cheat on Janie with the popular chick.  Her name was Breelee."  "I think I know her.  Does she have blonde hair with jet black highlights?"  "Yes.  Well, it turns out that Breelee and Terrance were having sex and they're parents now." Liam gasped.  "Janie found out and wasn't at school for almost 2 months.  She started drinking and was in rehab for another month.  Janie fell behind in school a lot, she was never on time, and is now going to a community college until she makes up her missed assignments.  I don't want her to fall behind even more.  Janie is my best friend and always will be, I love her and want her to get better."  I started to cry again.

 **********LIAM'S P.O.V**********

Nala started to cry again.  "Don't do that."  I wiped her tears from her face with my thumb.  I leaned into her.  Nala also leaned in.  I kissed her.  We pulled away a good minute later.  "Thank you Liam." Nala told me.  "Anytime Nala.  If you need to talk, just come to me.  Alright?"  Nala nodded.  I hugged her again. 

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