I want to be loved by you!

Big news for the couples! But they are potentially problematic?


4. The hospital

Eleanor's eyes filled with tears as she rubbed her stomach.
"Please can you come with me to the hospital? Seeing as Louis is at the gym now."
"Yeah, of course, El." I needed to be there to support Eleanor now. We had both though the worst. I drove Eleanor to the hospital in Louis' car. We got out and walked to the waiting room.
"Eleanor Tomlinson to see Dr Jerome, please." El said, shakily.
"Please take a seat and we will call you soon." The woman behind the desk said.
We sat down and I grabbed a Vogue and tried to take Eleanor mind off the phone call.
"Woah! Look at this dress!" I said enthusiastically, pointing to the most glamorous dress.
"It's pretty." Eleanor said, halfheartedly.
"Come on El cheer up. We don't even kno-" I was cut off by a tall lanky man calling Eleanor's name, I guessed it must be Dr Jerome.
We walked into his office.
"We had a specialist review the scan to make sure that the problem had resolved itself and they discovered something that we were very surprised at." Dr Jerome said sternly. "We think you may have twins. We didn't pick it up in the first scan because one was hidden behind the other. But we noticed that your bump was bigger than usual. I mean, it could just be a big baby but if it is twins they would have moved into place by now to be facing each other. But would you mind if we took another scan just to make sure?
A huge smiled spread across Eleanor face. "Not at all!" She replied. Dr Jerome smiled and gestured to go out of the door. I followed Eleanor through to the room with a scanning machine. El lay on the bed and lifted her top up a few inches. The doctor put the clear jelly on her and then rubbed the hand held machine onto her belly. It took a few seconds, but clear as day, two babies lay to face each other. Tears poured down Eleanor's face. I hugged her.
"Congratulations!" Me and the nurse said.
"May I have a printout of this scan to show my husband, please?" Eleanor said. The nurse printed one and we left the hospital.
Niall's P.O.V
I woke up. My head was killing, has much had I drank? Eurgh! I felt so rough. I looked at my phone. *new message* from: unknown: hi Niall, I thought you weren't going to text me. Yeah okay I'll meet you at Starbucks at 3 xx What the hell? Who is it? I checked my last text. Oh shit.
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