I want to be loved by you!

Big news for the couples! But they are potentially problematic?


3. Coffee with Eleanor

At about two o clock I dragged a very drunk Niall home. I hadn't been drinking because I didn't think it would be fair on Eleanor. At home I sat Niall on the sofa and gave him a glass of water. He put on the tv and started watching Family Guy. I went to bed and left him to look after himself. He woke me up when he came to bed and about 4 times through the night when he was throwing up. In the morning I woke at 8 o'clock, Niall was sprawled across the bed and I left him to sleep and got ready to go to coffee. I put on a purple sundress and white heels, I did my hair in loose curls and applied my make-up. I still had about an hour before I was meeting Eleanor so I made Niall some waffles for when he woke up. When the time came for me to leave, I left Niall a note and headed out into a rare warm day in London. I met Eleanor at the coffee shop and we talked about random things.
"What names are you thinking for the baby?" I asked her.
"I like Mia for a girl and Jacob for a boy."
"They're beautiful names" I smiled.
"You know mine and Louis' honeymoon picture of us kissing on the beach?"
"No. I said, I was ill when the pictures were being shown."
"Oh my god!" Eleanor screamed. "You have to come and see them now!"
"Yep!" I said and we walked back to Eleanor.
When we arrived El went to get the laptop with the pictures on it. As she walked past the phone she pressed the button that played the messages.
"Hello Eleanor and Louis, this is Dr Jerome. Please come to the hospital as soon as possible, we have been reviewing the scan and we have discovered something very important." Eleanor's hands fell to her stomach. "My baby." She whispered

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