I want to be loved by you!

Big news for the couples! But they are potentially problematic?


2. Breaking the news

Macy's P.O.V

Niall slid the gorgeous ring on to my finger, we stood up and kissed passionately. "Babe, we have to go. Everyone will be waiting for us at the restaurant."
"Okay" I smiled and wiped the tears from under my eyes. I picked up my handbag and took Niall's arm. We walked out of our apartment door and he locked it behind us and we walked down the road to the restaurant where Zayn, Harry, Liam and Danielle and Louis and Eleanor were waiting for us at a table.
"Sorry we're late!" I cheerily called to them.
"Hey" the boys called.
"Hiya!" El and Dani said.
"Now that everyone's here." Liam said clapping his hands and signalling the waitress over. I looked at Niall and smiled.
"We have some news!" Me and Niall, Liam and Danielle and Louis and Eleanor all said together. Everyone laughed.
"You first" Louis signalled to Danielle and Liam.
"Well," Liam started.
"We're moving in together!" Danielle exclaimed.
"Oh my gosh, congratulations!" Zayn said. We all jumped up and hugged them and congratulated them.
"Niall, Macy?" Harry asked.
"We're engaged!" We said together. The same palava of hugs and congratulations happened again and we all sat down and looked at Louis and Eleanor with great expectations.
"We're expecting!" Eleanor said looking at Louis who clutched her stomach.
"Awhh!" Me and Danielle screamed! Since she said it I had noticed a slight swell on her stomach.
"How far along?" I asked, as I hugged Louis.
"Four months. We wanted to tell you earlier but we had a bit of a scare when we had the scan last week." Louis said, his voice kept cracking and his eyes were welling up.
"The nurse said that there was a small problem with baby's heart and it could have been still born but the problem seems resolved." Eleanor continued.
"Wow. LET'S CELEBRATE!" Zayn shouted making everyone else in the restaurant turned and looked.
"Whoops. Bail!" Shouted Niall. And we all legged it out of the restaurant.
"Why don't we hit Diamonds?" Harry suggested. We all agreed and made our way to Harry's favourite nightclub.
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