What makes you beautiful

Louis the cutie from one direction meets Abby and they fall in love.....READ FOR MORE!!


1. louis and abby

One day louis went the movie to watch Pitch Perfect, when he walked in he saw this wonderful,beautiful,magnificent girl that had long straight black hair and blue eyes.So, he went and sat right beside her.After a while, he said my name Louis she smiled and said well,my name is abby,nice to meet you.Well heres the movie said louis.Would you like some popcorn?Sure said abby.So she went to grab some popcorn.Here i put it in the middie of us,if that is ok?Yea that is just find said Abby.1 hour later,the movie is all most over, said abby.uh oh,i am so sorry louis,i did not mean for it to spell.oh.its i can go buy some more popcorn said louisso louis went to get some more,so when he got back the movie had ten minutes left.So it got quiet for the last ten minutes.its over:(!do you need a ride asked louis.sure she said.So lets go get in the truck.Ok she said,so they walking to the truck.Louis open the door for abby.Thank you said abby.louis nodded.What type of music do you like? louis asked.County said abby.then let play some county.Louis turn down the music.Hey,do you think you can stay the night?asked louis.Let me call my mom said abby.So louis waited for a minute.Then fanilly she got off the phone.She said yes.I live on my on because im 18.Me to said Abby.are you busy  friday night?No,but are you asking me out,if you are yes i will go out with you !!!!!!Well,Then its a date said louis.

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