Last First Kiss

Adrianna and Grace are best friends and have been forever. Grace is a major directioner, but Adrianna doesn't like them at all. She puts up with them because her BFF is in love with them. One day a certain little incident occurs and Adrianna meets four English guys and one Irish guy. Things happen and more things happen that lead to drama and other things. Will Adrianna and Grace stay best friends forever, or will they be torn apart?


3. The Concert

We drove down the road and parked across from MiMi's Coffee Shop. This is where it was. You would think such a popular band wouldnt be performing in such a getto place.
We walked up to the front doors of the shop. "Are you sure this is the place?" I asked Grace.
"Yeah. I checked and double checked and checked again. This is definitely the place." She sounded sure, but I wasn't convinced. I mean, it was one of those streets that are littered with trash and there is old graffiti all over the walls of the buildings.
We pushed open the doors, which were really loud. Man, they really needed to be oiled. I looked around the room and it was abandoned. There was no one in sight. Either we were early or we were at the wrong coffee shop. I would guess the latter.
Grace double checked her watch. "7:03" she informed me. Three minutes after 7, which was when it was supposed to start, and we were the only ones here.
"I knew that even One Direction wouldn't perform in such a getto place." I muttered.
Grace looked at me, offended. "What do you mean One Direction?" she sounded truly hurt.
"I'm sorry, grace, just forget I said anything." I apologized. She dropped it and started looking around.
I followed her up to the small stage at the back of the shop. I noticed a piece of paper on the
floor and picked it up to see what it said.
"One Direction at MiMi's coffee shop in Downtown Brooklyn. Concert starts at 7:00 pm. Don't
miss it!" I read aloud. Well, we are in the right place and we had the right time, but where are all
the screaming fans, and most importantly, where's One Direction?
As if answering my silent question. Hundreds of screaming fans ran through the squeaky doors
in our direction. Grace grabbed my arm and started running closer to the stage. At first, I was
confused as to what she was doing, but then I understood. She wanted front row. She wanted to
be as close to 1D as she could get. Good thing to, or we would've been trampled. At least the
stage was something to hold onto.
We were pushed and shoved against the stage by anxious fans who wanted our spot. Grace and
I held our ground, and soon people realized it was useless and gave up.
Not five minutes later, a man with really short black hair came onto the stage. "Sorry for the
delay everyone, but without further discussion, here is who you have all been waiting for, One
I plug my ears right before Grace let's out the first scream, followed by more screams, many
more screams.
Five guys, a lot more attractive in person I might say, enter on to the stage as the man walks off
the other side. The little shop is instantly filled with the well known song "What Makes You Beautiful" and everyone began singing along, even me, because I can't deny its a pretty good song.
When the song ended, the guy with curly brown hair said, "What's up Brooklyn?!" More screams. "Oh, guys. I guess no one showed up. I couldn't hear anyone. They're gonna have to scream louder. Whats up Brooklyn?!" Personally I didn't think anyone needed to scream any louder than they were, but everyone screamed louder, while I just stood there. I noticed the blonde one look at me. He looked kind of confused, but of course an arrogant guy doesn't know what it's like to have people not like him.
Curly said some more stuff then the guy with black hair said some stuff and then yelled "This is Stole my heart!"
The music started playing, and I'll admit it it was kind of catchy. Then the bieber look alike started singing.
Am I imagining things, or did he just look at me? I must've had a lot of hallucinations during the song because I think I saw them keep looking at me, all but Curly. Wow. I think I'm dillusional or something.
They began singing another song and Curly started it. "Circles. We're going in circles.dizzy's all it makes us. We know where it takes us, we've been before," and continues on. While he's singing, Grace nudged me. I look at her and she nods her head up. I hadn't noticed til now, but Curly was staring at me, and it didn't seem like he was trying to hide it.
I didn't know what was going on and I had no idea why One Direction just loved to stare at me, but I decided to zone out for the rest of the concert.
Even though I was zonned out, I still notice band members looking at me, and then a bunch of people around me staring at me, because they seemed to have noticed One Direction staring at me.
I looked at a girl whonwas looking at me, clearly bewildered. "Don't worry. I'm just as confused as you are," I reassured her. When I said that she looked away as if it hadn't happened and started enjoying the show again.
Maybe it was the music, or the claustrophobia, or perhaps the awkward moments that kept occurring, but I couldn't wait for the concert to end.

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