Last First Kiss

Adrianna and Grace are best friends and have been forever. Grace is a major directioner, but Adrianna doesn't like them at all. She puts up with them because her BFF is in love with them. One day a certain little incident occurs and Adrianna meets four English guys and one Irish guy. Things happen and more things happen that lead to drama and other things. Will Adrianna and Grace stay best friends forever, or will they be torn apart?


6. Not what I expected

I sat in the doctor's office. He just finished examining my head. He told me that it was bruised up pretty bad, but nothing major. Right now I'm just waiting for him to get back so he can tell me anything else I need to know from the last few tests he took and then I can leave.
After about five mintutes he returned to the room and told me exactly what he said last time. Some bruises but nothing bad.
He dismissed me and showed me the way back to the lobby. I turned the corner and I saw them still sitting there, waiting for me to return. I would've thought they would be too busy to sit around in an emergency room for an hour for some girl they just met.
Harry turned his head up and noticed me. He stood up and walked over to me. "Are you alright, Love?"
I sighed, because he had said that about a hundred times before. "I'm fine. I have some bruises, but those will go away soon enough." I said to him. "So, erm, listen. My friend, Grace, is probably freaking out right now. I promised I would call her, and it's been over an hour, so, can you just bring me home and let me explain to her?"
By now the rest of them had congregated behind Harry. They all looked upset. Why? They confused me.
Niall spoke up first. "Why don't you come to our hotel for a little while so we can get to know
you a little better?" What should I say? Normally I would automatically say no to a guy I just met
asking me to come to his place for a while, but was this different because they were famous?
Well, I guess I could take pictures and get autographs for Grace. She would love me forever. Not
like she doesn't already, but it would be a good way to make her forgive me for not calling.
"Umm. Sure, okay. But just for a little while. I need to call Grace first and explain things. Then
I'll call my parents. I'll tell them Im going to Graces house, because they would freak if I said I
was going somewhere with five guys I just met." they all nodded and left me alone while I called
Grace and my parents. I didn't mention the part of One Direction to Grace, cuz I wanted to
surprise her later.
Then I walked back to the guys and told them I was ready to go and we left in the same limo
we had come here in. We had been lucky the emergency room wasn't very busy or we would've
been mugged by crazy fans.
The ride to their house was pretty quiet. Only sometimes a couple of the guys would get in a
quiet conversation.
After about 20 minutes we were in front of a really nice hotel, most likely a really expensive five
star one. We entered through the revolving doors and into a wide, nicely furnished lobby.
Some girls came up and were asking for their autographs. Well, they couldn't say no so Harry
signed some girl's picture. Then he grabbed my hand and began pulling me toward the elevator.
He pressed the button and the doors opened within 30 seconds. The others rushed over to us
and we entered the elevator. Niall pressed the number 23 and it began pulling up.
When it came to a stop, the doors opened up to show a long corridor with about three doors on
each side, a sign that each suite was really big. Their room was the second one on the right.
The room was enormous, as I predicted. There was a really nice living room in the middle.
There were a three doors to the right, which probably led to their bedrooms, and three on the left.
There was a hallway that led to the kitchen across the room.
Liam showed me around and I realized how nice he really is and how cute his smile was. Two
of the rooms on the left were Liam and Zayn's rooms and the other one was a bathroom. Louis,
Niall and Harry had the rooms on the right.
"I'm gonna go get something to eat," Niall said as he began walking down the hall to the
kitchen. "Do you guys want anything?" That's when I noticed how hungry I was.
"Uh, sure. I'll have something" I said and I followed him to the kitchen. The others said they
weren't hungry and went to their rooms to change.
"I think I'll make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Does that sound good to you?" Niall
asked me.
I laughed. "Yeah, that sounds great." He chuckled and got out the ingredients.
"So, do you not like us or something?" He asked me, suddenly getting very serious.
I was confused as to why he was asking me that. "What? Why would I Not-" I began, then I
realized what he was talking about. "Is that why you guys were staring at me the whole concert?"
He blushed a light shade of pink. "You noticed that?"
"How could I not notice that? You guys were making it totally obvious!"
He chuckled and started blushing some more. "Well, at first I was wondering why looked so
bored and werent dancing during the concert. But then..." he hesitated as if he wasn't sure if he
should say what he was going to. "well, then we noticed how pretty you looked and I couldn't take
my eyes off of you." by now he was blushing a deep shade of red and I smiled at him.
"No need to be embarrassed. Apparently the others thought so too," I walked over and gave
him a quick peck on the cheek.
He gave me a really big smile and asked, "I know the others think you're cute, but the question
is, what do you think of us?" he laughed and looked at me, expecting an answer as I tried to
come up with one.
He laughed as I stood there trying to figure out what to say. All I said was, "You're not too bad
yourself Niall." We laughed together for a minute, and then we noticed the others standing there.
"Where's my kiss?" Louis joked.
"Yeah," Harry agreed.
I laughed and quickly pecked each one of them on their cheeks, blushing wildly the whole time. I was thinking the whole time about Niall's question. Could I really have feelings for any of these guys? About two hours ago the answer would be a no without hesitation. Now I wonder. I mean, I did just meet them. They all seem really nice, and they're all really attractive. No. I can't think about that right now. We'll all just be really good friends. I didnt want to be the girl that got in the way of the band and pulled them all apart. Ive heard those stories before, and I didn't want it to happen to these really awesome guys.
I didn't want to explain this stuff to all of them, so I just said. "I'm sorry, but I will not be in a relationship with any of you. I don't want to be the girl that gets in the way of the band." They all nod in understanding, but I can see in their faces how much that upset them. And I couldn't ignore how sad it made me feel as well.
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