Last First Kiss

Adrianna and Grace are best friends and have been forever. Grace is a major directioner, but Adrianna doesn't like them at all. She puts up with them because her BFF is in love with them. One day a certain little incident occurs and Adrianna meets four English guys and one Irish guy. Things happen and more things happen that lead to drama and other things. Will Adrianna and Grace stay best friends forever, or will they be torn apart?


1. Introductions

I sat on the living room floor applying sparkly purple polish to my nails. My best friend grace sat across from me scanning the channels for a movie to watch.
"Is there anything on?" I ask, looking at her. She was so pretty with her light blonde hair and blue eyes. There was no denying it.
"No," she replied. "I'll just turn on the news."
"Yeah, I bet that'll be interesting," I said sarcastically. How could I be best friends with someone like her. She could be the most popular girl at school, but instead she hangs with me, the lonely loser.
She slaps my arm and scowls at me. "I know the news may not be very interesting, but you never know what you might come on" she declared.
"mhmm, You just wanna hear the latest on One Direction!" I laugh. She jumps on me and I scream. "Hey! My nails are wet! Kill me after they dry"
She gets up and sits on her sleeping bag and throws some skittles at me.
"What did I say?! Kill me LATER!"
She looks at the TV screen and shrieks. "shut up!"
I don't need to look at the television to know who came on. Grace turns up the volume and
stares at the screen.
"Yes, erm, our tour is starting next week. Our first concert is going to be in Brooklyn, New York.
On Friday night. Everyone gets in free. Standing room only." Says a One Direction band member with curly brown hair and green eyes.
Grace screamed. "Did you hear that. One Direction is coming here and putting on a concert for free!" Before I could answer me she was staring at the screen again, trying to take in every detail of their faces and listening intently to every word coming out of their mouths.
"Where in Brooklyn will this concert be?" the reporter questioned.
This time the guy with black hair and brown eyes answered. "Well, we are performing in a coffee shop." Grace screamed again. The reporter cut it back to the anchors so she turned the TV off.
Grace started talking really fast about it. Making plans, I think.
"Grace." No answer. "Grace!" I yelled. She stopped babbling and listened to me. "Do you really have to go to that?" I already knew the answer so I kept talking. "they're just a stupid band,"
"No they're not. They are really hot and talented guys trying to make a living with their passion. I have to go to that concert. I could meet them and become best friends with them!"
I seriously doubted that, but I didn't want to put her down. "Okay. I guess we'll have to go to it."
"You'll go with me?!" she jumped on me and gave me a huge hug. "thank you so much Adrianna!"
" What are best friends for, right? Well let's watch a movie or something."
So she didn't say anything els about it and we watched The Hunger Games.
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