Last First Kiss

Adrianna and Grace are best friends and have been forever. Grace is a major directioner, but Adrianna doesn't like them at all. She puts up with them because her BFF is in love with them. One day a certain little incident occurs and Adrianna meets four English guys and one Irish guy. Things happen and more things happen that lead to drama and other things. Will Adrianna and Grace stay best friends forever, or will they be torn apart?


7. Getting To Know The Boys

           We all sat around the living room. I sat in between Harry and Niall on a couch while Louis sat on a bean bag on the floor. Liam and Zayn were sitting on another coach across from us. There was some conversations going on, but I felt kind of awkward just sitting there.

      "Well," Louis began to say, "I'm kind of bored right now, so we should play some kind of game." "Truth Or Dare!!!" Liam exclaimed. I hated playing truth or dare. I always ended up getting embarrassed somehow, so I came up with another idea.

      "How about, you know, since we just met, we tell everyone a little bit about ourselves.. Let's see.. You have to say five things about yourself, and don't make them things that are totally obvious." I suggested. Everyone agreed. "I'll go first," said Louis. "Um. I was born on Christmas Eve, The Fray is my favorite Band, I want a pet monkey, Robbie Williams is my role model, and My favorite color is red." I didn't know any of those, but the pet monkey one I could've guessed!!

         "Now my turn" said Zayn. "Let's see... NSYNC is my favorite band, I have 3 sisters, I always brush my teeth before going on stage, my little pre show superstition, My favorite animal is a lion, and lastly, I love chicken." Interesting...

         Now Liam's turn... In case you didn't notice we're going counter-clockwise. "I have two older sisters, My favorite color is purple, Toy Story is my favorite movie of all time, I was bullied in high school, which led me to start boxing, And I love turtles."

           "I'm sorry." I said. "I don't understand why people bully. It never made sense to me."

          "Oh, it's okay. It was a long time ago. I mean, look at me now! I'm living the dream!" he chuckled and I started laughing, and I don't know why, maybe my laugh is contagious, but everyone burst out laughing. That lasted about five minutes.

            When everyone calmed down, Niall told us about him. "I hate it when girls cry, cuz it always makes me sad too, I know the lads know this, but I don't know if you do Adri, but I love food, perverted 12 year olds scare me, im scared of tiny spaces, and, in case you didn't notice, I dye my hair blonde." We all started laughing because some of his facts were kind of funny.

      "You are a very interesting person Nialler, but at least we know you're compassionate, right?" I say and Niall chuckles.  

         Now for the next person. Harry. "Well, I guess it's my turn then... My parents got a divorce when I was 7, Now I have a stepdad named Robin, who is really nice, I was born and raised in Holmes Chapel, My two favorite colors are orange and blue, I can't stand when girls, or the other band members say the f word," he looks at everyone and continues, "And I love tacos." we all laughed at the last two and then everyone looked at me.

              "Oh great. It's my turn. Oh, um, where to start... My best friend's name is Grace, we've known each other since we were five years old, I'm not very popular at school, but I'm not bullied, my favorite song is Truly, Madly, Deeply by you guys," This made them all laugh. "But it's true, just letting you know. Ugh. Two more things... Umm... My favorite color is green, and I've never kissed anyone." I blushed when I told them the last fact about me, but only a light shade of pink.

          Harry put his arm around my shoulders and put his face right in front of mine and said, "Would you like me to change that for you?" I felt the heat rise to my Cheeks and I knew I was bright red. I turned my head and looked down at my nervous hands. I actually wanted him to kiss me, but we had only known each other for maybe 3 hours, and I wasn't really a fan before, but I definitely am now. I mean they're not who I thought they were at all..

      Liam interrupted my thoughts and the awkward silence, "So can we play truth or dare now?!?!"

   Wow, this boy really likes truth or dare! 



Harrys P.O.V

      I know I was joking, but I was kind of hoping she would take up my offer. I don't even know if she wanted to because before anyone could say anything else, Liam said, "Can we play truth or dare now?" I silently laughed to myself and looked at Adri as her cheeks returned to their normal color. She looked nervous. I don't think she liked truth or dare, but I actually did want to play, so I yelled, "yeah! Lets Liven up this party!" This, of course, made Louis want to play, and when Louis wants to play, it makes everyone else want to. So of course we would play truth or dare.

      "Okay. Fine. But Im going first. Zayn, truth or dare?" Adri said.

   Zayn thought for a moment before replying, "Truth."

     "What made you want to audition for the X-Factor in the first place?" That wasn't a question I was expecting, but I like it. Shes different. Most people just ask us stupid questions the don't matter. 
     Zayn doesn't even have to think before he answers, "Well, I had always loved music and singing, but I just wanted someone other than close friends and family to tell me that I could sing."

       I, of course, had already knew this. But Adri said, "Aww.. You're so sweet! You're a really good singer, by the way." 

  Zayn smiled and then asked, "Harry, truth or dare?"

  Hmm. Truth or dare? Who knows what he'll ask, but I dont want to be dared to do something totally embarrassing in front of Adri, so I said, "Truth."

    Zayn smiled a wicked smile and I knew i was in for it. "Tell us how you really feel about Adri."

   Yeah, maybe dare was a better choice.



Adri's P.O.V


      "Truth." Harry said. Zayn gave a mischievous smile and I looked at Harry. By the look on his face I could tell he noticed it too. 

    "Tell us how you really feel about Adri." Woah. What? What does he mean by how you really feel about Adri? And why do they keep calling me that? I mean, it is cute, and its easier than Adrianna, so I'll let it slide. But, What? Does Harry.. like me? No way! Grace is going to be SO jealous! Wait a second. Is that really what Im thinking right now?! Harry Freaking Styles who I didnt really even like 5 hours ago, but have developed a bit of  a crush on now, might like me! Ahh!

    Harry looked over at me and we made eye contact. I know it sounds cheesy, but his green eyes are so gorgeous, I literally got lost in them! He began saying something, so I listened intently, holding onto every word he said. "Adri, during the concert, Niall noticed you, and thought you looked... bored. He pointed you out to us. we were singing Stole My Heart when i spotted you, and I realized that the words in the song totally fit. And even now that I met you, Ive realized that what I felt when i saw your beautiful face was real. I like you Adri." 

    I didnt know how to react. I tried not to show what I was feeling, because I didnt even know how I felt  myself, but i dont think I did. I could feel my cheeks get hot and I knew I was blushing. 

    Before anyone could say anything, I buried my face in his chest and he gently kissed the top of my head.   "I like you too." I whispered so quietly i was surprised he heard me. But I knew he did because a huge smile grew on his face, and I dug my head back into his chest. 

   I wasn't sure if the others had heard me, but I doubted it. I peeked over at Niall and I saw he was smiling too. He mustve understood what was going on. But, I thought he liked me. No. I hope not. It would just get complicated like that. I know me and him will be best friends really soon. 

     i stood up and said i needed some water. As i was hoping, Niall jumped up too, claiming he was hungry. Of course. 

   As soon as I got in the kitchen, I stopped and waited for him to catch up. When he walked him I looked at him and lowered my voice to just above a whisper. "Nialler, I know we are going to be good friends." I looked into his eyes and knew he understood, and agreed, with what I was saying.

     "Pretty, blue-eyed best friends!" He laughed. I giggled. i got a cup and filled it with water. I took a sip and set it down, not really meaning it when I said I was thirsty. Naill, however, was telling the truth, as i figured, when he said he was hungry, so he made a sandwich.

    We walked out of the kitchen together, smiling. I plopped down next to Harry and snuggled up against him. I could see him smile out of the corner of my eye, which caused me to smile. 

       The others switched on a movie, but I didnt even know what it was because i fell asleep instantly In Harry Styles's arms.


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