Last First Kiss

Adrianna and Grace are best friends and have been forever. Grace is a major directioner, but Adrianna doesn't like them at all. She puts up with them because her BFF is in love with them. One day a certain little incident occurs and Adrianna meets four English guys and one Irish guy. Things happen and more things happen that lead to drama and other things. Will Adrianna and Grace stay best friends forever, or will they be torn apart?


2. Getting Ready

"Oh my gosh. There is seriously nothing to where to the concert here!" Grace exclaimed as she was searching her closet and throwing the rejected clothes into a pile on the floor.
I moaned, " I told you, just come to my house and wear something of mine."
She scanned her closet one last time and double checked the rejected pile. "Okay, but we need to hurry if we wanna get there early enough."

About five minutes later we were at my house and looking at my wardrobe.
Within 2 minutes she had found a purple American Eagle dress and was putting it on.
What should I wear? I don't really care much about the concert but I don't wanna look like a total pushover or anything.
I decided on my sparkly black dress. I changed into it and Grace and I both sat in front of my mirror.
We started applying mascara. Normally that was all Grace wore because she liked looking natural, but for some reason she decided to wear more today. She wasn't very good at putting eyeshadow on because she never wears it, so she had me help her.
I finished up my face and rubbed some lipgloss onto my lips. She did likewise and we looked on the mirror. We looked stunning, I had to admit. Oh, what a one direction concert couldmdo to people!

Grace checked the digital clock and shrieked. "oh my gosh!! We are gonna be late"
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