Luck is a book about a 18 year old girl named Lauren, her brother gives her a necklace that has a clover charm, but the necklace is special, its a witches necklace. What happens when a man kills her brother and is trying to kill her to get the necklace, what will happen, who will she meet.
(this is a one direction fanfic)


1. New Life

School suck's, seven hours of sitting hurts after a while, but i'm glad it's over for the summer. My name is Lauren, i'm 18 and have light blue eye's and brown hair, i'm just another girl bullied by the popular kid's, nothing special.I walked out of the school, not looking back for i wanted to forget all the bad time's i had, bullies just had to pick the quietest girl in class, which was me. I walked down the side walk, not looking up, just kept thinking about life, until my brother Travis ram's into me. ''What tha-'', i was cut off by Travis, ''hurry put this on'', he says, throwing me a necklace, i quickly put it on, ''why, whats going on'', i say to him, ''i dont have time to explain, just run, never take that necklace off ok, find the nearest house, do not go back to the apartment'', Travis says looking all around him, ''ok, ok, but what about you'', i say tearing up, ''just run, run'', he says pushing me, as i look behind him, a man run's from behind a corner and pulls out a gun, i start to run but Travis just stand's there, ''Travis, NO'', i say and stop running, ''bye Lauren, i love you'', he says, a tear rolling down his cheack, and then it happened, four big pop's and Travis fell to the ground, the man stop's and looks at me, gun in hand, i took of running again this time not stopping.

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