My Own Little Girl

Niall,from 1D,was walking around his favorite childhood meadow in Ireland.He thought everything would be so normal.Just the way things used to be when he was younger.But there is a little twist.A small little girl sat upon a tree stump.She was singing a 1D song.Niall came and sat by her.What will Niall do?


1. Where I Found Her

Niall's POV

I finally made it to Ireland.I was happy to see my mum and dad.I got to see some of my younger cousins.They were so crazy over the boys and I.They went on and on.I really wanted them to shut up.I decided to go walk in my favorite meadow.The breeze felt nice on my warm skin.I suddenly heard a faint singing voice.I walked closer.The person was singing a song by us.More Than This.To my surprise,it was a small little girl.She was about 6 or 7.A very good voice for that age.I after I listened to her,I sang when she was at my solo.She turned around in shock.She smiled.I sat down next to her."What's your name sweetie?"I asked.She wouldn't say anything."I won't hurt you."I said."Hope.My name is Hope."she said."Why are you here Hope?"I asked.I could see tears in Hope's eyes."My mom and dad flew me in a big airplane then dropped me off here." "How old are you?" "I am 6." "For a 6 year old you are very smart and have a good voice." Hope stayed silent.She looked at me.She got up.Right as she was about to walk away,I said,"Hope come with me.I will protect you.I won't anyone else hurt you." Hope looked at.She ran over to me and hugged me.I took her hand and walked out of the meadow.

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