My Own Little Girl

Niall,from 1D,was walking around his favorite childhood meadow in Ireland.He thought everything would be so normal.Just the way things used to be when he was younger.But there is a little twist.A small little girl sat upon a tree stump.She was singing a 1D song.Niall came and sat by her.What will Niall do?


2. Sweet Little Thing

I walked Hope back to my parents house.I had to explain to everyone.I don't think anyone cared though."Mom,dad,do you even care?"I asked. "Honey,how are you going to do this?Your so busy."my mum said."I don't care.As long as I can keep Hope safe,I don't care how busy I am." "Ok honey.If you think you can do it."I walked Hope up to my old bedroom. She layed down on my bed.She fell asleep.I went ahead and called the boys so they wouldn't be surprised when I came back to London.I heard a cry from Hope.I ran over to her."Hope,are you ok?"I asked softly.She opened her eyes."I am fine."Hope said.She sat up on the bed.Hope looked around the room.Her pretty blue eyes shimmered in the gleam of sunlight.She was just a sweet little thing.

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