Watching The Sky Fall

Sky (Skyler Marie Jade) Absolutly hates One Direction. She thinks they're the most arrogant, annoying, self centerd, cocky, buttwipes ever. However her best friend (Tanisha) doesnt agree with her. She happens to be a full on Directioner. So when Tanishas 19th birthday comes up, her sister buys her two VIP passes and concert tickets to there next concert. Which ment Road trip. And having to watch and meet these doikes. What fun.


6. Why me?!

The boys walked on stage and I swear I saw tears well up in tishs eyes. I just smiled and rolled my eyes at her. The screams had gotten louder and people were practically having spas attacks. There was this girl who was a few people down from me who had a minor break down. Her face turned red and she was smiling supper wide yet frowning at the same time. She was crying and also hyperventilating. I got a little worried. She looked like she was going to faint. She had to start the lean on her mother in order to stay standing.
'Well, wasn't that attractive' the sarcastic comment came across my mind.
I looked down at my phone and started to check Instagram. I think they started to sing when I decided to take a picture of me sitting down in the middle of this chaos. I captioned it "Wondering what I did to have to suffer through this #whyme #ihate1D #sorry @tishtosh"
This the most boring moment of my life.
I started to scroll through twitter while blasting The A Team by Ed Sheeran.
Someone ripped out my headphones and I looked up to see it was Tish. She pointed at the stage and apparently the stupid doikes were trying to talk to me.
"You know!" the blond one started.
"That uh.." the one with curly hair went on.
"Playing on your phone,"
"and sitting down," zayn said
"Is unexceptable." Louis finished.
"Oh! Like! My gosh?! Are they talking to me?! OH EMM GEE!" I bursted out into laughter as everyone just stared on, watching us. "Give me a break. I don't even want to be here!"
"Well you are. Now you have to follow our rules. Pass your phone up."
"What?! Are you crazy? I'm not letting you touch my phone!"
Just as I finished Tish grabbed I out of my hands and threw it up at Louis.
"Tish!" that little back stabbing friend! Your supposed to take my side!..
"hmm.." he said while scrolling through some stuff. "Ouch!" he said putting his hand to his heart. "#ihate1D really? It's like your trying to tear my heart apart." the girls around me glared at me.
I just shrugged my shoulders. I looked up at the stage.
"Can I have my Phone back now?"
A huge smirk grew on his face as he continued to look through my phone.
"Lads! Come over here real quick!" they obeyed his command and the 5 of them circled around him my phone in the middle of them.
"Hello?" the voice of my mother sounded through the speakers just as the guys departed from there little circle. "I thought you were going to that concert with Tish?"
"Hey ma'am!" he pipped cheerfully. "I have taken
your daughters phone away for a while because it would seem that she doesn't like carrots."
What the freak?
"Oh kill me now.." I muttered under my breath. Believe it or not but they had called at least 7 other people in my contacts before they had given me my phone back. They sang some more songs and I fell asleep. Soon after, it felt like at least, the concert ended and we were heading back stage. In my mind I was thinking of different ways to make it look like Im not the murderer of Louis tomlinsons soon to be death.

Hello guys :) sorry its a little short :P I promise after all of this concert stuff is over and done with the chapters will be longer
And I just wanted you guys to know THAT I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU TO FEEL OFFENDED BY ANYTHING I SAID. I'm really sorry if I did ;(
With love Shae xx
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