Watching The Sky Fall

Sky (Skyler Marie Jade) Absolutly hates One Direction. She thinks they're the most arrogant, annoying, self centerd, cocky, buttwipes ever. However her best friend (Tanisha) doesnt agree with her. She happens to be a full on Directioner. So when Tanishas 19th birthday comes up, her sister buys her two VIP passes and concert tickets to there next concert. Which ment Road trip. And having to watch and meet these doikes. What fun.


9. So i had an interesting idea!

I was wondering if maybe any one would like to Co-write my story "watching the sky fall" If you think its a good idea and would like to co-write.... Im not a big fan of love triangles because there to overwhelming and confusing... I lose interest in storys that move way to fast and when the lover gets injured.  I know kinda weird but if you want to help write it let me know! Im never on enough to write a story by myself. Also another slightly important fact! I already have a good idea with how this sory is going to endThough before any of s publish a chapter or edit any of the old ones.. (which we would probably do) We would DISCUSS it and not just write and publish without letting anyone know whats going on. Also I need help making my chapters longer and more interesting! There kinda boring right now... Well.. Thanks! :)

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