Watching The Sky Fall

Sky (Skyler Marie Jade) Absolutly hates One Direction. She thinks they're the most arrogant, annoying, self centerd, cocky, buttwipes ever. However her best friend (Tanisha) doesnt agree with her. She happens to be a full on Directioner. So when Tanishas 19th birthday comes up, her sister buys her two VIP passes and concert tickets to there next concert. Which ment Road trip. And having to watch and meet these doikes. What fun.


3. Hotel & crap

It took us 5 1/2 days, and only being able to shower at one stop. I felt greece and disgusting. I was extremely surprised that my face hadn't broke out.
We pulled into a parking lot a a big fancy looking hotel. Let me tell you! You'll never see anything like it in Palmer! The closest we've got is the V-Ho (Valley hotel) and that's only like, what 2-3 story's high? And it's sorta a gross, dirty looking creme color. But there foods amazing! So I'll give them that.
I guess where getting another one called the Eagle Hotel but it looks exactly like th V-HO except a different color.
This hotel was amazing I couldn't help but let my jaw dropped. Tanisha laughed at that. Her family used to come down here every winter until just a few years ago. As for me. I've never been out of state. The farthest I've been from home was when I went to Barrow with my dad. And it was freezing up there! Though not much different from the freezing temperature at Palmer.
"Oh my gosh.." I said completely breath taken. "I'm not going to be able to go in there!"
Tanisha looked at me obviously confused.
"Ummm.. Why?" she asked
"Tish. Think about it! I look gross and disgusting! I look homeless! (not ment to have any offence to anyone) Imagine how I look like to other people walking into that hotel!!"
"Skyler Jade!" she practically yelled. "Knock it off! It's not like you to car about what other people think of you! So get out of the car and help me unload all our crap!"
I sat there and pouted for a few seconds while she got out of the car and started takin out our luggage.
Tish walked over to my door and angrily opened it.
"Either help unload the rest of you crap or die."
I laughed as I got out of the car and helped unload.
"I was serious Sky. I don't see why you were laughing."
That made me laugh even harder.
"Never... Mind." I said Inbetween laughs.
We walked through the front doors and I was speechless. It was beautiful. I felt so out of place.
Everything looked fragile and shiny new. It was amazing.
We checked in then got into the elevator. My arms started to get sore cause all these bags and suit cases where heavy!
When we finnaly got to our floor, the 15th, we started out of the elevator. Me bein in a hurry to drop these bags I ran out and in the process ran straight into someone. I looked over at Tish and she looked shocked, love struck, and like she was going jump right out of her skin. Sometimes she has trouble keeping her cool.
I said sorry to the person I ran into as I slowly got up and picked up my bags. I looked over at the person I ran into and almost barfed right there in the middle of the hall way. No wonder Tish looked like she was going to pee her pants. I ran into Louis Tomlinson. From One Direction.
"Oh no! It's fine love! It was my fault."
All I said was " uhh, okay."
I looked over at the paralyzed Tanisha and said let's go.
Me and Tish arrived at our room seconds later. We dropped our bags in front of the door and went to explore.
There was a living area that lead into a dinning & kitchen. In the kitchen there was a hall that lead us to two rooms on opposite sides. In the room there was a king sized bed, desk, sofa, reading lamp, a walk in closet, and a bathroom with a seperate shower and tub. This was amazing.
I found another door at the end of the hallway that lead to a large sized balcony.
In the suite there wasa total of 3 1/2 bath rooms. I've only ever had two and I share it with 5 other siblings while my parents got their own.
The suite was over all spacious, homey, and cozy. And very modern! I loved it!
After exploring I jumped into the shower and washed my hair and body over 5 times until I finnaly felt clean and fresh.
'This trip just might be the best ever' I thought to myself.
After I changed into some light pink booty shorts and a flowery shirt, and threw my hair into a messy bun, I walked out of my room down the hall through the kitchen, dinning, and living room areas I picked up all my crap and drug it to my room. I unpacked all my clothes and threw them on my bed. I folded all the clothes that needed to be folded and stuffed them into the drawers in the dresser that had a 65 flat" tv on it. I then hung up all the rest of my clothing. I threw my shoes into random slots into the shoe organizer that was there, and then neatly put the rest onto the floor of the closet by the wall. I have a lot of shoes :).
I then grabbed my purses and then put the on cupboards that were in the closet.
Next I grabbed my bags that had my make-up, deodorant, perfumes and various items such as, tooth brush, tooth paste, tampons, and pads. I put some in drawers and under the stincks but I payed most of my make-up out on the vanity.
I put random pictures up here and there on my night stand, desk, and dresser. I grabbed my laptop out of my backpack and carefully placed it in the desk. I walked back to the living room after shoving my suitcases under my bed.
I found Tish sleeping on the couch. Her luggage still in the doorway.
'Lazy girl..' I though as a mishchevious smile came to my lips.
I jumped on her while screaming at the top of my lungs, "Get up sleepy head!!"
Tish woke up with a start and I bursted out laughing. I was in tears. It was to funny!
Tish glared at my and said "I'm going to kill you."
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