Watching The Sky Fall

Sky (Skyler Marie Jade) Absolutly hates One Direction. She thinks they're the most arrogant, annoying, self centerd, cocky, buttwipes ever. However her best friend (Tanisha) doesnt agree with her. She happens to be a full on Directioner. So when Tanishas 19th birthday comes up, her sister buys her two VIP passes and concert tickets to there next concert. Which ment Road trip. And having to watch and meet these doikes. What fun.


4. Don't disturb your neighbors!

The expression on Tish's face was priceless! That made me laugh even harder. It got to the point when I had to bend down and hold onto my legs to keep my body supported so that I wouldn't fall down. My face started to hurt because of the HUGE smile on my face. I couldn't breathe. Tish shoved me off the bed, making me give out a little yelp. I scrambled off of the floor and ran as fast as I could away from her. Her face looked scary. Her eye brows were furrowed and the way her mouth looked made it look like she had a massive over bite.
"I'm coming for you, Skyler Marie jade." she said slowly. Fear dwealed in my eyes, but it didn't stay there long. She was now chasing me around the dinning area. I started to throw chairs down trying to make her fall and give up. But she dodged every single one. I bet I know what your thinking. And yes we are strange people. You would not believe the things we've done in Palmer! We've almost been arrested. We didn't do anything really. But... Well when we get tired we act drunk. We like to call it being "Drunk Tired". And when we drink JONES soda, even a little sip, it's like we had 20 shots of vodka. At the least. I guess you could say we're interesting people. Well.. Anyways...
I opened the door to our hotel room, but was only able to make it three steps down the hall before she tackle me to the ground.
"Never. Wake. Me. Up. Like. That. Again.!" she yelled at me while slitly shaking me shoulders. I turned me body around so I was on my stomach which made her have to change the way her body was angled ontop of me. Which cave me the chance to free myself from her grasp. I ended up onto of her pulling a full-Nelson.
"Hey!" she yelled "That's illegal!"
"Doesn't change anything! And besides, Tish. We're not professionally wrestling so it doesn't matter right?" I said with a smirk forming on my lips.
Yah. I wrestle. Only friends and family though. That's one of the perks of having two other brothers that did it as a sport from 1st grade to there senior years. That's actually how Tish and I met. All of our brothers wrestled with each other. Some were in the same weight classes so often times the wrestled each other at tournaments. So us being the amazing sister we are went to all of there tournaments. We started hanging out, as did our families and our family's became close family friends. So close in fact that my family moved in next the theirs.
"Ooi! What the freak!?" I yelled after something hit the back of my head. I looked behind me to see what it was and I'm guessing my eyes looked like they were going to fall out. I quickly release Tish from the full-Nelson I had on her and quickly jumped up. Tish probably realized that something happened, because I never stop a match early, anf she got up as well. Her eyes had widened also. What was in front of us? You may ask. Well.. It was an elderly lady holding her purse. She stuck her finger, that was showing angrily at us, right in our faces while she yelled stud for not being more lady like, and saying that we need to act our age. Then she went off about something about our generation and drugs and major use of alcohol. For her information, I don't drink. And I most certainly do not use drugs!! However for the rest of myfamily that is not the case. But we're not talking about them! We're talking about me and Tish!
"You know what girls! One day you'll fall in love! And youll want to get married and have kids! You'll want him to get down on one knee and say the sweetest things. Then him to ask you to marry him! But none of that while ever happen because you act like.. Like... Childish fools!" she finnished and then walked off angrily in the direction of the elevator.
Tish and I walked back into our hotel suite with our heads kinda low. We sat down on the couch and stared at nothing in particular. We just stared. My vision was blurred.
"You know what Sky? She doesn't know us! So let's have fun! SKY! LET'S DANCE!" she said with a smile on her face that went to her eyes.
"Let's do it!" I yelled back at her.
She spead walked over to the tv turned it on and then started browsing around the music stations. She came across one that was called hottest hits and chose it. The song that was playing was I cry by flo rida. She turned on the surround sound stereo and muted the tv. She turned the music up as loud as the stereo would go. We started rocking out to the song and singing at the top of our lungs. We couldn't even hear each other. Or ourselves for that matter. We were having fun! Nobody could stop us now! Even if they tried we can't hear a thing. So if they knocked on the door. We wouldn't hear them at all. I started to get lost in the music and suddenly my surroundings changed. I'm imagined I was in the attic at my home rocking out with my brothers while they played the guitar bass or drums. It was perfect. 
The music turned way down and you could now hear me and Tish singing. We both stop and in unison said "what the freeeaaak?" I looked over at Tish and asked her if she blew the speakers. But the look on her face was excitement. She looked like she could pee herself. I turned around to see what see was looking at and saw the Famous 5 guys know as One Direction. 
"What the heck do you think your doing?" 
"Turning down your music. What does it look like I'm doing?" the one I bumped into earlier said. 
"No really I couldn't tell!." I said while glaring at him "Now what are you doing in our hotel suit?!"
"Well, love-"
"Dont call me that."  by now everyone in the room was surly enjoying this show we were putting on for them. Somehow popcorn magically landed in Tish's hands and she was sharing it with the other boys. 
'where did she even get that?' I thought to myself. 
"Well, person who I don't know and doesn't want to be called 'love'. Maybe if you wouldn't have turned the music up so loud, and opened the door when we knocked. We wouldn't be here!"
"oh c'mon!" I started. "It's not like it's going to kill anyone. And just so you know. I didn't turn it up all the way! That was Tish! So don't yell at me! You stupid good for nothing pop star boy!" 
He looked at me. Amused. AMUSED?! What is with this guy! 
"You know what? Get out. Now. And never come around here again. EVER." I yelled as I pushed them out the door. Just as I was about to shut my door and leave the stupid boy band out there the elderly lady had made her way back over by my doors and said "That's certainly not helping your problem either deary." and walked off. 
I'm sure my confused face was crazy face picture worthy. 
And I left it like that and slammed the door shut. 

*****Authors note***** 
Sorry for any miss spellings or anything like that. I'm writing on the iPod again:P it can become difficult sometimes. One of these days I'll actually be able to make it to a computer! Well anyways I hope you enjoyed! I'm thankful for any support what's so ever! And I am TRULY DEEPY sorry that it took me so long to write chapter 4!! 
With love Shae xx
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