Not My Blessings

A young family soon discovers their twin children are not the blessing they thought they had received, but instead a true horror.


3. Bloody Christmas


“Cody! Don’t pull your sisters hair. It’s not nice. I’ll put you down for bed early if you can’t behave young man.” said Laura as she settled down a bawling Jessica.

“You are going to be two tomorrow and you can’t even be nice to your sister.” said Darrell, scooping up his son and giving him a raspberry. Screams of delight echoed off the walls as the family of four sat in their house, a blanket of crisp snow billowing outside.


“Time for bed now. Santa will be here soon.” said Laura. After tucking the kids in, Darrell and Laura began to worry. Every year so far, the day after the twins’ birthday happened, disaster struck. Not only had they been in a car wreck after birth, but last year there had been an explosion at the neighbors. “Pot Explodes at Drug Dealers Lair” is what the newspaper had said, but no drugs had been found. Darrell had been backing out of the drive and Laura and the twins were waving on the front steps when it happened. Laura had been slightly burnt and the car had caught fire, exploding Darrell’s gas tank. He had to have a chunk of frame metal removed from his neck. It was almost fatal. The children had a slight burn like that of sunburn, but were unhurt and laughed for a solid thirty minutes about it in the hospital. Both Darrell and Laura could only wonder what would happen this year. They crawled in bed, and Darrell silently recited his promise, as he did every night. They fell asleep, both frantic with worry.


The next morning, Christmas presents were opened with squeals of delight and Maurice, Wanda, and Kristi were coming up. Molly wished she could come but couldn’t because it would be too hard to move in the deep Michigan snow. They arrived just in time to see Cody and Jessica blow out candles. Then they moved into the birthday procession. Every one forgot the potential hurdle looming just hours away.


When the day was coming to an end and Cody and Jessica were entertained by toys, Wanda and Kristi left to go be with Molly, while Maurice decided to stay the night and leave when the roads were better. After many “I love you”s and “Merry Christmase”s, Wanda and Kristi left and Darrell and Laura finally got their babies to bed. Then they arranged the guest room and left Maurice, confident that this year would be different, that nothing would happen.


Laura awoke to a scream and then laughing. She glanced at her nightstand, to the clock. It read 2:56. Then Darrell awoke, just in time to here a window slide closed. They ran down the hall to the nursery and flipped on the light. There was blood all over the window pane, and their children were standing in their cribs, giggling and smiling. Laura ran over to insure that it was not their blood, but was stopped when she heard Darrell’s voice, a strangled scream.

“Laura, call 911! It’s Maurice!” Laura flew down the hall into the last guest bedroom. Maurice lay in the bed, blood oozing out of a hole in her chest. She was gurgling unformed words as blood filled her lungs. She reached outward, as if trying to grab hold of the air, then relaxed her hand, contented with that simple movement to assure her she was still alive. Laura broke down, sobbing. Darrell called 911, and when the ambulance loaded up Maurice, he shut the door and went to hold Laura.


“It’s ok, my sweet love. It’s ok.” He cooed to her.

“All that b-blu-blood. And the scream. I – I can’t imagine w-who would d-do that.” She blubbered. “And he was so close. S-so close to our babies! He c-coulda killed th-th-them. My babies! So close, so close, so close…” she murmured over and over. “So close”. He held her tight, reciting over and over his promise silently. They put the twins back down and tried to clean some of the blood, but Laura couldn’t stand it. She tried to sleep but couldn’t after that. Once the twins were awake and fed, they all went to the hospital.

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