Not My Blessings

A young family soon discovers their twin children are not the blessing they thought they had received, but instead a true horror.


4. A Goodbye Kiss

*A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, I haven't had much time between school and sports. Nonetheless, I will try and keep the updates coming sooner. Thank you all SO much for all the wonderful comments, it makes me smile to read them. Well, here is Chapter 4, enjoy!

   The drive to the hospital in the cold white morning was agonizing. Neither Darrell nor Laura had been able to sleep, and they hadn't bothered with showering  Looking mangy and ragged and covered in Maurice's blood, they got ready to go. Laura had entered a sort of trance after the horrific night before, leaving Darrell to take care of the twins.After fastening them in their booster seats, he walked back up the slick driveway and into the house to get Laura. She was sitting on the base of the stairs, her head in her hands. He grabbed her thick coat and wrapped it around her shoulders, then gently helped her up and into the car. Once she was in, he ran to the other side and began the long drive.

   Throbbing silence filled the car. Laura stared out the window, lost in her own horrific thoughts. Darrell was focusing very hard on driving in the thick traffic and slick roads, and Cody and Jessica were sound asleep. Unnerved by the silence, Darrell switched on the radio and began to hum along to carols. At the end of a particularly nauseating one about reindeer, a news broadcast came on. It rambled on about the usual news: traffic, weather, sports, local charities, and finally the crime section. Darrell payed little attention to the news, focusing on it only when a certain piece of information clicked. "...broke into a house through the nursery  attacked an elderly woman, and climbed back out through the window in which he came. The older woman, Maurice Sevinns, is currently in critical care in Michigan State Hospital and it is unknown whether she will-" Laura abruptly sat forward and switched off the radio, glaring at Darrell. The rest of the ride was silent.

   They arrived at the hospital at eight. Laura stiffly undid Jessica's harness while Darrell struggled with Cody;s, and then they set off inside  Laura was carrying her little girl and walking briskly, while Cody struggled to keep up while carrying Cody. Once inside, they waited in line behind the many people coming to see relatives over the holidays. Finally, they approached the young brunette who was directing the flow of people from behind her desk.

   "Maurice Sevinns, please," said Laura with a stern tone. The young lady hastily flipped through a pile of paperwork filled with scribbles and notes about various patients. 

   "Second floor, Intensive Care Unit. Room number 235." said the receptionist with ice in her voice, clearly annoyed with Laura's brusque manner. "Enjoy yourself." Laura nodded curtly before twirling on her heels and walking to the elevator. Darrell, stunned, walked after her, joining her in the elevator just as the doors began to close. He considered chastising her for being so rude, but decided against it. They elevator door dinged open, and the pair stepped out. They walked down the hall and stopped outside Room 235.Laura paled and looked sick. She outstretched her hand, reaching for the knob. She was shaking violently, almost blurring her hand from the intense vibration. Just as she placed her hand on the knob, it swung open, and an official looking man stepped out. He gave them all an appraising look and glanced down at his clipboard.

   "Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Ricarsh?" he questioned, lifting an eyebrow.

   "Yes. How is she?" answered Darrell, seeing Laura incapable of speaking.

   "Well, its lucky you showed up when you did. I was just coming to call you, actually." There was a grave look in his eye. "I am afraid her time is very limited. I suggest you go and spend some time with her, tell her goodbye. You had best hurry though, she hasn't much time. We are giving her plenty of medication to keep her comfortable, but there is nothing we can do to save her. My apologies." and with that he walked away, shuffling papers on his clipboard. Laura looked shaky on her feet, and Darrell reached out to stable her.

   "I-I-I can't!" she sobbed, though without any tears. "What am i supposed to say? 'Hi Mom, its me. I just thought i would come and tell you bye since you are going to die. Love you!' How am I supposed to walk in there and pretend everything is OK?" she was beginning to panic, her breath coming in shorter gasps.

   "You don't have to pretend everything is OK," said Darrell soothingly, pulling her close and sandwiching the twins between them. "Just go and spend time with her. Talk to her. Don't talk about her dying, talk about all the memories you have. Tell her you love her. Just be with her. And when its time, when everything is all said and done, give her a goodbye kiss and be satisfied."

   "Alright. I-I can do this. I have to be strong for her, right? For her, and for our little babies, and for my sisters, and-and-and for me." She sniffed, drying her eyes. "And then I will give her a goodbye kiss, and know she isn't hurting. I will know she isn't sad, scared, or lonely. Everything will be better for her, right?"

   "Exactly," said Darrell solemnly, reaching for her hand. She looked for him for reassurance, then pushed the door open and stepped in.

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