The Treatment

Rosemary is a very specal girl. She has always been fascinated with paranormal and supernatural stuff. She reads books about it, watches movies and shows, and even does a little exsploreing herself. But when a new boy with a horrible secret comes and falls for her her world turns into a horror movie. Blood, ghosts, and death everywhere. What is the secret? Will she survive? Will she find… The Treatment?


1. The Beginning

It's Three O'clock in the afternoon. Twenty-one minuets left till schools over. Thank you God that today is Friday. Right now I'm listening to Mr. Burns talking about the Civil War. I'm sitting in the back in a corner so I wouldn't get plastered with spit balls and notes that have 'Loser' or 'Freak' written on them taped to my back.

Yep. I'm as you can tell an out cast. I do have friends. Two to be exact. My pitbull Chewy. He got the name because when I was little he use to chew on the hands and feet of my Barbie dolls. And Jason. He goes to school here actually. He is the opposite of me. I'm what everyone calls even my own mother, gothic. Black clothes. A loser, out caster. I'm not dull thou. I'm friends with him because we have a lot in common.

But yea, Jason is the caption if the basket ball team. Most popular boy there is but yet he sits at lunch and talks to me. Despite everything he has my back. When you think about it I'm not really gothic. I love tons of things that are bright not dark or dull. The music I listen to. The Frey, Jonas Brothers, Maron 5, One Direction, Paramore, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Eminem, OneRepublic, Demi Lovato, Christina Perry,and Andy Grammer. See!

I look around class. I spot Jason. He see's me and try's to do something but falls off his chair. I roll my eyes. Did I mention he's a class clown? Yep that's Jason for ya. *Ring* FINALLY!! I powered walk to my locker and put everything away. Augh! I have math and science for homework. I put both subjects in my bag and shut my locker. And walk out the building. Josh is waiting for me. I walk up to him and we started to walk to my house. (I only live four blocks away, Jason five.) So
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