Niall's best friend

Rachel Smith is Niall Horan best friend until she moves back to Toronto and Niall doesn't say goodbye to her at the farewell party but when her homecoming comes up Niall surprises her....


1. Farewell

Niall POV:

"I'm moving back to Toronto" Rachel said to me. I was torn heart broken i didn't know what to do i said nothing and ran off i think that hurt her feelings." HARRY WAIT" she shouted at me back i didn't look back. I ran back to the house crying a little bit. " What's wrong mate?" Louis says to me. " Yeah what's wrong Niall?" said Louis " Rachel's leaving" i burst. " Whoa whoa whoa which Rachel because we know two Rachel the pretty but annoying one or the Rachel that's really  beautiful and is awesome?" says Zayn. " " I think it's the second Rachel" Harry "ME TOO" says Louis. " Well no chiz Sherlock!" " What is chiz anyway?" Niall say. The boys think and shout out " A GERMAN SAUSAGE!".  " OH MY GOD can't you guys see i'm in pain?!?!" i say. " No not really." They say and laugh. And i fall onto the sofa. 

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