Red Ivy

Red like the autumn leaves, fiery like the summer sun, orange as a fire blaze, sparkly, interesting, fun


7. Discovered


I heard my Mother gasp loudly and Harry chuckled.

‘What, you’re scared of you boyfriend are you?’ he sneered at my Mother. I opened the door a crack to see her desperately trying to get dressed. A little part of me said that it served her right but I pushed that down, knowing we were happy with Jay. I needed to fix this.

I shut the door quickly as I heard Jay’s heavy footfalls on the stairs, him cooing at Gerry and she giggling in her baby way. He smiled at me, gesturing for me to let him into the room. I shook my head, thinking fast.

‘She’s uh… she’s really ill and if you go in there, you’ll catch it,’ I said, making up lies as I went along. Concern flashed across Jay’s face and I knew he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

‘Ivy, just let me in please,’ he said, walking past me and pushing open the door. I stood back, biting my lip until it almost bled. Jay stopped dead at the sight that lay before him. Harry chuckled again, purposely pulling Mother closer to him.

‘Jay,’ I heard her plead ‘it’s not what you think… Jay please!’

He turned to me, his face as white as a sheet. He asked me one simple question before turning away.

‘Did you know about this?’

‘I tried to stop her…’ I began, but knew it was no use. Hurt was written all across his face and me and Mother both knew that there was no going back. She became limp in Harry’s arms, struggling away when he tried to kiss her. He laughed meanly, pulling her in tight enough so that she couldn’t get away. She looked at me pleadingly but I just turned on my heel and walked away.

I found Jay in the kitchen. He looked drained and was still holding Gerry. I took her from him gently, clasping Gerry in my arms. She was the only one who would stay with me and not hurt me by leaving.

‘I tried to stop her Jay, really I did,’ I tried again but Jay just shook his head, smiling thinly at me. I tried another tactic.

‘It’s just her nature, she loves you inside.’

‘Maybe, maybe not. But I can’t stay now. How many others like this were there Ivy?’ he asked me.

‘He’s the first one… this time,’ I added. He looked at me quizzically. I breathed in, finding that I wanted Jay to know everything. He had to.


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