The Last Time

You break my heart in the blink of an eye...


1. Back Again


Harry stumbled onto her porch. It was Madeline’s porch. His eyes fell on the spot where they had their first kiss, on the ‘co’ of her brown ‘welcome’ mat. He always hated that carpet. He picked it up and threw it off the porch, it landed with a thump on the front yard. He forced a small grin onto his face, he always nagged her about getting rid of it. That was back when the lived together. Harry had raised his fist, just about to knock on her front door, when he stopped himself. He didn’t even know how he ended up at Maddie’s. He was drinking with Niall and Zayn, who said they would keep an eye on him. They told him they wouldn’t let him leave the bar. 

He finally threw his fist forward, hitting the door with a thump. There was no answer. A few minutes went by, and the hall inside the house was still dark. She wasn’t answering. Harry knew she was there, she almost never left her house. He was the one who persuaded her to go on dates and be adventurous. He even got her to tour the world with him, something he still smiled about. 

Harry knocked again, and again. He needed to talk to her. At least seeing that she recognized he had made a mistake would help him get over her. She still didn’t answer. Harry inhaled a shaking breath of cold air. It hissed through his mouth and fed into his lungs. He still felt like he was drowning. 

“Maddie!” he called out. There wasn’t any movement from the inside. Not a bird rustled it’s wings, and if she was asleep, she didn’t even turn.

“Maddie!” he called again. His eyes began to tear up and his throat was tightening around his windpipe. “God. Please.”

Harry pushed off the door with all his strength and ran into the yard. His arms spread out wide and he took another deep breath. “Madeline, I love you, answer me!” he screamed out.

The door flew open, Maddie stood in the doorway. Her brown eyes narrowed at him, her stare was colder than ice. Her mouth was in a scowl and her chin was twitching how it always did when she was about to cry. Harry’s arms dropped, slapping against his sides. He sighed with relief. The sides of his mouth rose into a small smile. He took a step forward, and then another, and another, he didn’t stop until he stood in front of her. He hoped he looked as sober as possible. 

“What the hell. Are you trying to wake the whole neighborhood with your drunken-slurs?” she spat at him. One hand still gripped the handle, poised to slam the door in his face. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened. Harry paused before saying anything. He couldn’t be that drunk, could he?

“Mads, I-” Harry reached forward to brush a hair that was loose from her ponytail away from her face. She slapped his hand away. 

“Don’t touch me, Harry.” she said in the clearest voice possible. She could see the tears in his eyes, the longing to touch her and be with her. She wanted the same thing. She just couldn’t handle everything else that went along with being with Harry Styles. She couldn’t handle the thousands of hate messages, the endless lying, cheating, and scandal. 

She didn’t even know everything until her friend sent her a link one afternoon titled: Harry Styles kisses fan. It was a real video, intercepted by management before it could go to the media. Harry pushed the girl against a wall in a club, smiling the same smirk he had when he kissed Maddie. His fingers trailing across her waist and gripping the small of her back as they kissed. Maddie could only watch for thirty seconds before she slammed her laptop shut and sobbed into her knees. 

“Go, please, just go…” Maddie struggled to say before she broke down. Harry saw it in her eyes, her pain and suffering. “If you can kiss some girl you only met the same way you do me and act like it wasn’t you, I can’t do this. The great thing is, it isn’t the first fucking time this has happens.”

“It’s fake! I swear, Maddie, I love you. Only you. I want to be with you-“

“You’re the one that’s fake! Your fans think you’re this idol on this high pedestal, in all your glory, girls, and talent. I’m so done with this Harry. But I’m not done with you. This is the last time, and I mean it. If this happens again I swear-” Maddie forced her words through her tightening throat. She could feel tears snake down her cheeks and fall onto the soft cotton of her old shirt. That’s when she realized, she wasn’t wearing her own shirt. She was wearing his. She looked up at him with reddened eyes, hoping he wouldn’t blow up in her face. 

To her surprise, he was crying too. His green eyes lit up in a way she had never seen before. His eyes were brighter than the first time they kissed, the first time he saw her in an outfit he bought, the first time they made love. They were even brighter than the first day he met her. 

He leaned in until his lips were pressed to hers. He gave her enough room to back away, but she didn’t. She didn’t want to, she had never wanted to. All the other kisses they had ever shared never compared to that one. It was the kiss that expressed how fragile they truly were. Even though he was Harry Styles, he wasn’t a god who could control everything. He was still human. Maddie’s arms fell from the door-frame and wrapped around his neck. When they finally drew away, their foreheads rested against one another. 

“Last time I’m asking you this.” Maddie whispered to him. 

“I love you.” Harry muttered, placing a kiss on her forehead. 

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