Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


6. Zayn's imagine

Your boyfriend, Zayn, has been on tour for a year now and you barly get to talk to him. He promised to be home by now but is not, that means another night alone without him. You walk up the stairs with tears in your eyes, when you get to your and Zayns room you ball even more, you then plop onto your bed and cry yourself to sleep.

The next morning, your bed fells warmer, you roll over and open your eyes, only to see Zayn fast asleep beside you, with his cloths still on. You kiss his forhead and he open's his eyes, ''morning beautiful'', he says in his sleepy voice, then reaching his head over and kissing you deeply before passing back out. Oh how much you love him.

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