Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


5. Zayn's imagine

Tonight was the best night of your life. Your parents had gotten you ticket's to your favorite band, one direction. As you give the ticket to the lady at the door you can't help but to imagine how close you'll be to your idols, you were in the first row, right in front of the boys.

As the concert go's on, your screaming and dancing and singing all over the place but then it happen's, you start to have a asma attack and you had left your inhaler at home. You get really dissy and fall to the ground, girls kneeing down near you, alot of screaming stops and you knew you were close to death, ''well at least i got to see them before i died'', you say to yourself before passing out.

When you wake up you can't believe your eye's, you are surrounded by the boys. You try your best not to fangirl but let out a little gigle, ''she's ok guys'', Niall says, making you blush, ''um if i may, can i ask you a question'', Zayn says, ''yes'', you say quietly, ''did it hurt when you fell from heven cause you stoll my heart'', Zayn says and ask you for you name and number. That was the start of a beautiful relashionship.

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