Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


7. Niall's imagine

You were mortified, out of breath from running as fast as you possibly could. He cheated on you, your boyfriend for two years cheated on you, with your best friend and now your running for your life. You stop and catch your breath, tear flying down your face, ''your nothing, you diserve this'', you say to your self, then taking it back quickly, ''it's ok your fine'', you say to yourself, ''(y/n), where are you'', you hear your boyfriend say or now your ex, you start running again and then you trip. As you look up, you see your ex running toward you, you push yourself backwards, tears going down your face but as you look on your shirt, blood was all over it, ''crap'', you say quietly. Then as your moving backwards you bump into someone, as you look up you can not believe your eyes, Niall Horan from one direction is stareing down at you, you gasp and move away from him, ''Oh my gosh are you ok love'', Niall says kneeing down beside you, ''i'm fin-'', you were cut of by your ex, ''their you are, now lets get preety boy here to move along so i can beat you'', he says, a sinister grin on his face, ''your not going to touch her'', Niall says standing up, clinging his fist, ''what did you say preety boy'', your ex says, ''i said your not going to touch her'', Niall repeats, ''but what if i do, what will happen, uh'', your ex says, geting in Nialls face, ''this'', Niall says, then punching your ex in the face, ''that is what will happen. You don't treat a girl that way, if i ever see you near her again, i will beat you and next time i won't stop, hear me, PREETY BOY'', Niall spat out to your ex, ''yes sir'', your ex says and runs away, ''thank you, he would have killed me'', you say a tear going down your face as you grab to your sid in pain, ''your wellcome. You ok'', he ask, sitting beside you, ''i really hurt my sid when i fell'', you say, ''lets get you to a hospital and maybe then you can give me your name, oh and i would like to know what happened, if thats ok'', he says picking you up, ''sure, oh and my name is (y/n)''.

And thats how you meet your husband.

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