Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


1. Niall's imagine

Your sitting in science class. Everyone is finishing their test, you have already finished and find yourself looking out the window thinking about Niall. Has he forgotten you, has he found another girl, does he miss you. All these questions rush around your head, making your head pound with every thought. Your friend sitting beside you notices and hugs you, you let a tear drop from your eye. The girls that sit at the table in front of you start talking about how your a baby and that all those Niall stories are fake, you sit still in your chair and pretend you don't here them, your friend gives them a look and you guys start talking about Niall.

At the end of class you and your friend have already packed up and are sat talking. suddenly the mean girls in front of you scream and start crying, you and your friend think it's nothing and start talking again but then are interrupted by a person hitting you with a ballon, you turn your head only to find yourself staring at a blue eyed, blond haired boy. Niall. You get up out of your seat slowly, tears going down your face as you look apon Niall standing there with a heart ballon and a teddy bear that says ''I LOVE YOU (y/n)'', you ball even more after you read it. You rush over to him and kiss him, he kissing you back instantly, ''i love you so much (y/n), and i missed you so much, i promise that the next tour we have, your coming with me'', Niall says after pulling away from the kiss, ''promise'', you say, looking deep into his blue eyes, ''promise, and Nialler never brakes a promise'', he says smiling, ''ok then, let's get out of here'', you say and look back at your friend, she hands you your back pack and motion's you to go, ''ready'', Niall says, ''ready'', you say and start walking out the door, looking back at the mean girls who are looking sad, you smile and look back at Niall, he is smiling to and grabs your hand.

Later that night. You and Niall have just finised your third movie and Niall is fast asleep beside you, you gently lift him up and walk him to your room were you lay him down on your bed, after covering him up you slid in beside him and close your eye's. Your about to fall asleep when you here Niall say something, ''(y/n) can i ask you something'', he says and turns toward you, ''yes'', you say and open your eyes, ''will you marry me'', he says, pulling out a box, you open it only to find a huge ring, ''Niall i have been waiting for you to ask me that all my life, YES'', you say, Niall having the biggest smile. And that is how you became Mrs Horan.



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