Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


9. Niall imagine for Cassie

The hall way was quiet. I walked quietly down the hall and stopped at the door that lead to the boys. I had gotten VIP passes to see my favorite boy band for their last concert in New York.

''You can do this Cassie'', I told myself, trying to stop myself from shaking, ''NEXT, Cassie'', a man said from the other side of the door, ''here we go, remember no screaming'', you told yourself before opening the door and walking in. Their they were, your favorite boy band. One direction. ''Hi love'', Liam says and gets up to shake your hand, you shake it gladly, ''Cassie right'', he says, ''yes'', you say, ''well Cassie i'm Liam and this is. Well you already know right'', he says, ''yes. Hi boys'', you say and wave, they all wave back and Niall blows a kiss. ''Well take a seat Cassie'', Zayn says, you take a seat next to Niall. 'She's really pretty', Niall wispers to Zayn, 'I know, but she's yours right', he wispers back, 'yup, back off', Niall wispers. You try not to blush. ''So Cassie, i like your blond hair'', Liam says, ''thanks'', you say back, ''you remind me of Niall'', Harry says with a big grin, ''yes you do'', Liam says, ''how old are you'', Niall says blushing, ''12'', you say, ''cool, but a little young for you Niall'', Louis says, ''LOUIS'', Niall says and gets up, ''oh crap'', Louis says and runs out the door, Niall right behind him, ''does he really like me'', you say and look at the rest of them, ''yes he does'', Liam says, you blush madly.

Later on. You and other three boys are still talking. Niall and Louis are still not back but you can hear Niall laughing down the hall. ''NEXT. Its time to go um.... Cassie'', a man says popping his head through the door, ''ok bye boys'', you say and get up, ''tell Louis i said bye'', you say, ''ok we will'', Zayn says and hug's you, ''oh and tell Niall i like him too'', you say and walk to the door, ''oh don't worry he know's'', a unknown voice says. You slowly turn around, only to come face to face with Niall, ''call me'', he says and gives you a slip of paper, ''i'll wait for you'', he says and gives you a kiss on the cheek. This was the start of a long relationship.

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