Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


3. Liam's imagine

Your at high school, walking to lunch you can't stop thinking about Liam, ''what is he doing, why has he not called me, does he know what today is'', you say all these things to yourself. Today is your 3 year anaversery and Liam has yet to call or text. As you walk into the lunch room, everyone stops and looks at you, ''what are they looking at, can they here me thinking about Liam'', you say in your mind, you walk over to your friends table and sit down, ''you ok (Y/N)'', your friend says, ''no. Today is my and Liam's 3 year anaversery and he hasn't called or texted me in a week'', you say and start to tear up, ''maybe he's just really busy'', your friend says rubbing your back, ''maybe, but he could have texted me like one time, right'', you say and wipe a tear from your eye, ''right but just give him a chance ok'', your friend says, ''ok'', you say and try not to think about it.

After lunch, all the students are in the gym for some stupid reason and everyone won't quit looking at you, ''why is everyone looking at me today. Did i do something wrong'', you say to your friend, ''no, there just weird'', she says back, just then a teacher speaks into a mic, ''(Y/N) (L/N) please come to the stage'', the teacher says on the stage, you knew it, you've done something and everyone is going to know it. You walk up onto the stage, shaking with fear, the teacher giving you a smile and hold's the mic back up to her mouth, ''(Y/N) is it true that your boyfriend Liam Payne is on tour right now in England'', she says and holds the mic to your mouth, ''um, yes'', you say confused, ''well today he wanted us to tell you something, something very special'', she says, ''he wanted us to say that he loves you and that he will be home soon, but he would rather tell you himself'', she says and looks behind you, you slowly turn to see Liam hold up a mic and get down on one knee, ''(Y/N) (L/N) will you do me the honor of becoming mine forever'', Liam says and pulls out a little box with a huge ring in it, ''will you marry me'', he says, tears strem down your face like race car's, ''of corse i would, YES'', you say, making his whole face go red. And that's how you became Mrs Payne.


(hi guys, hope you like this one of Liam, please leave me a comment with you eye color, hair color,name, boy, and place and i will make one for you <3)

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