Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


2. Liam imagine for Arianna

It's a beautiful day, your sitting on a bench next to the river of your favorite park, it's 7:00 a.m. and you are the only one at the park, you diside to sing one of your favorite song's, and hope no one hears you. When you are half way through your song you here foot step's behind you, you turn around only to come face to face with Liam Payne, you try not to fan girl as he takes a seat beside you on the bench, ''hi love'', he says, making your heart melt, ''hi'', you say back shyly, ''whats your name love'', he says looking into you dark brown eye's, ''Arianna'', you say, ''well hi Arianna, i was wondering, do you know where that singing was coming from, cause whoever it was, was really good and i want to comment to them'', he says making you blush, ''that was me'', you mumble, ''you where singing, that was one of my favorite songs'', he says, ''really mine to'', you say and sit up, ''really, would you mind singing it with me'', he ask you, ''sure'', you respond, ''ok'', he says.

You guys sat singing your favorite song while looking deep into each others eyes. As you finish he look's at you, ''your a great singer Arianna'', he says and winks at you, ''thanks, your not so bad yourself'', you say, ''well thank you'', he says, you guys sit in silence for a while till he broke the silence, ''your really pretty Arianna'', he says, ''thanks'', you say blushing a new shade of red, ''would you like to go on a date with me'', he says, ''that would be awesome'', you say, ''great, how does tonight at 8:00, sound'', he says, ''it sounds great'', you say and smile, ''alrighty then, i guess i'll see you tonight, i'll text you where to go'', he says and gives you a slip of paper with is number on it, ''ok, see you tonight'', you say and you both stand up, ''bye Arianna'', he says and kisses your cheack, ''bye'', you say as he walk's off. ''How did you get so lucky'', you thought to yourself.

That night at the dinner Liam ask's you out. And that how you became Mrs Payne.


Athors note ( hope you liked it Arianna, i thought it was really good, if you would like another just comment) :)

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