Hi guys. This is my first movella, its just a bunch of imagines. Please leave me a comment with your name, eye color, hair color, and age and i will put you in. :)


4. Harry's imagine

Tonight was the coldiest night ever. Thunder and lighning filled the sky. You couldn't stand it, the thunder and the lighning had kept you up for hours and you really needed sleep. You slowly got out of bed and put your shoes and jaket on, you really needed some milk to calm you down but you remembered you had none, ''of to the store then'', you say throwing your hands in the air, you really didn't want to go out.

At the store, you had grabbed to things of milk and like four bags of cookies, you knew that the cheackout lady was going to be giving you looks but you didn't care. On your way to the cheackout you got lost in your thoughts and rammed into another persons buggie, ''i'm so sorry'', you say picking up some stuff that fell off one of the racks, ''no it's my falt, i didn't watch were i was going'', a strong british voice said, you've heard that voice before but couldn't point it out, you slowly raise your head to come face to face with beautiful green eye's, ''hi i'm Harry'', he says and you instently know who he is, ''i'm (y/n)'', you say blushing, ''what a nice name'', he says and looks in your buggie, ''can't sleep'', he says and looks back at you, ''ya, how'd you know'', you say confused, ''me either'', he says and steps to his left so that you could see his buggie, it was filled with cookies and milk just like your's, ''ha, guess i'm not the only one'', you say, ''what? why?'', he says looking confused, ''oh well ever since i was little i never liked thunder storms and my mom would always give me cookies and milk, i guess it just stuck with me'', you say and smile, ''really me too'', he says, a big smile across his face.

You took Harry back to your apartment were you and him talked all night long, eatting almost all of your cookies and drinking almost all of your milk. You and Harry became really great friends and talked about everything. At midnight, you were fast asleep but were awoken by Harry's voice, ''i love you (y/n)'', he says in his sleep, ''he's so cute'' you say in your mind, ''i love you to Harry'', you say before falling back asleep, not knowing that Harry wasn't asleep.

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