The White Rose

One white rose showed it's true power to me...but it also showed who I was to become and who is behind that one mask......


2. Chapter 2

I shoved open the intriquatly designed double doors, threw them closed and marched to the two, perfectly standing maniquins which had on the two gowns Hector had picked out for me. The one to my left had short sleves that revealed the shoulders, long fitting as it would be trailing far behind me and was a ghastly green color. The dress to the right had long trailing sleves, almost touching the floor, with a bow that sat on the butt of the gown with the ribbions trailing low too. It was a beautiful purple, the shade of what I would call violet. I picked that dress to wear because it was my mom favorite color tis it was also mine too. It was also the color of what is to my name.

I slipped it quickly off the maniquin, slipped it on and waited for Rebecca to arrive. She arrived after about a minute of pacing from side to side of the golden colored walls, until a light tapping sounded and Rebecca entered.

"There you are, I was wondering when you'd show up. Please, do hurry." She bent down slightly in a bow, and began tightening my dress to fit.

"I am truly sorry Prin- Violet,"I tilted my head to glare at her. I hated it when people called me anything but Violet, especially my friends, my only friends. "Sorry, I would have been here sooner but I sort of, well..Got held up with the guards."

After a plently of hard tugs, and knots she was finished.

"Finished. You should be on your way now." She said, breaking the aching, lonely silence that was filling the air.

"Thank you, for everything."

She nodded, bowed and shuffled out the door. I ran over to my shoes lined up in the back of my closet, and slipped on a plain balck pair of heels. I hurrily finished touching up my hair, trying to tame most of it. Gracefully, I walked out the opened doors, nodded to the guards nearby and was escorted to the meeting room.


I arrived a few minutes too late. The doors banged open to reveal about 30 other nobles, all staring at me. I slowly and gracefully took my seat next to my father. He barely acknowledged me, only to give me a menacing glare.

My father cleared his throat and all attention turned back to him. "As you all know, my 40th birthday is coming up and someone will need to take the throne, and that someone will be Violet. She needs to marry soon and in order to do that we are hosting a masqerade ball and will be inviting all princes  to come. From there, I will choose who is best suited to marry my daughter. I would like for all nobles to attend."

"Wait, I thought we agreed I could choose any prince I would like?" I said.

"Yes, that was before. Now, I will choose who will be your betrothe."

"That's not fair! You and mom agreed you would let-!" I started to yell.

"Enough! Don't speak to me like that you insolent girl! That's final." He glowered at me. His anger matched my anger, we were both fuming, but neither if us said anything else to the other, no matter how much I wanted to slap him.

"Excuse me, your highness, but with what money?" A noble man with a stubby face, red hair and bright neon green eyes spoke. A murmur of agreement rippled through the giant table upon which we sat.

"I have already figured that out. I proclaim we will raise taxes and food prices up."

"Your highness, we just raised the taxes last month for the lost of supplies abroad a ship that went missing, how do you expect they will pay for food with if the taxes and food prices are high?" A generous lady with elegant features, small nose, dirty blonde hair and deep, chocolate eyes retorted.

Another ripple ran through the Nobles. How would they survive with these conditions they are already going through?

"You can't do that, you'd be condemning children to die, to starve. We won't even have a kingdom when it comes to me to rule over Balbion ." I shouted over the murmur to my father. The Nobles instantly hushed down, all attention turned to me. All eyebrows raised.

"We need to do it. They will live and there will be a kingdom to rule over when I'm gone." My father, Archer retorted.

"How do you know that? Have you visited lately? To see how they're holding up?"

"No, because they are doing just fine." He narrowed his eyes," It seems to me that you have been there, have you not?" He asked. I didn't want him to go through with this but it seemed that nothing would change his mind, no matter what I replied with. If only mom were here.

"No, but I've heard rumors running around here. I've heard there are kids on the street that starve."

"You believed them? What such wild rumors you've heard, god knows where they came from. This is over, you-"

"Yes, you need to stop being so cruel and let that black void surrounding your heart melt away!" I shouted over him and at the top if my lungs.

"Go to your room, now. Before I decide on giving you a puishment. Guards, you are to double the duty on her door, is that understood?" He fumed silently, glaring me down from across the table. Thinking of all the conquences, I stood up and walked out of there, strictly being watched by them, as if they were all voltures and I was their prey.The purple, silver dressed soldiers nodded and bowed, grabbed my arm and walked side by side next to me until we reached the corridor that hosted my huge room. Their blacked gloved hands let go of me and stationed outside of my door and down the whole hallway. I sat on my bed, staring out the whole window that took up most of my back wall, facing towards the town, and sat loudly sobbing to myself, thinking about what could happen to my mom's kingdom.

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