Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


13. Wedding Bells.

-3 Years later-

*Holly's Pov*

"How about Toby or Zayn Jr.?" I ask everyone for their opinion on the baby name. "I like Zayn Jr." Zayn jokes. "I like Toby." Taylor says. Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall all agree. "Okay, Toby then." I laugh. "I want the middle name to be James. For you Nialler." I say. "Why me?" He asks curiously. "Cause youre one of Zayn's best mates and my best friend." I smile and his cheeks turn a bright red. I nudge Zayn. "Ask them." I whipser to him. "You're a horrible whisperer Holly." Lou says. "Ask us what?" Liam questions. "Um.. We were wondering if you lads would be the god-fathers and Taylor, Dani and El be the god-mothers?" "We would love to!" They all scream in unison. Smiles grow on hteir faces. "Alright, well not that this love fest isn't fun but you guys can't be late for your own weddings!" Louis says ushering us out the door. Taylor and I run upstairs to grab our dresses. They were still in their bags so the boys wouldnt see them. Of course mine, having to be altered with the very noticeable bump growing. We went back downstairs, and ever since I was pregnant, they all try to help into the car. I hated it but I humored them and let them help me.

*Taylor's Pov*

We headed down to the venue. When we arrived, Holly and I went to go get ready. El and Dani came to help, since they were the bridesmaids. We all get changed into our dresses. I put mine on first. It was a sweet-heart necklike with lace and beading. It had lace sleeved that came just above my elbows and a long veil that barely came to the floor. "You look absolutely amazing!" Eleanor squealed. "Goregeous!" Holly and Dani said. "Thank guys!" I say, and look towards Holly, "Your turn." I say with a devious grin on my face. She groans and grabs her dress. Her dress has a sweet-heart neckline and a beaded bust and bodice. You could clearly see the bump that was forming when she finally got her dress on. "Absolutely goregous!" We all say. "Thanks!" She says admirning herself in the mirror. El and Dani had already changed into their dresses. Theirs were a strapless royal purple dress with a fitted bust, and a ribbon waist-line belt. The bottom hugged their figures. "El!  You have impeccable taste!" Holly says. "Why thank you!" She said. "Ok, time for your hair!" Dani says. She fixed my hair into my usual side ponytail but curls at the ends. El curls Holly's hair and pins it behind her ears. There's a light tap on the door. "I got it." Dani says. "It's just Liam." She opens the door and a smiling Liam enters. "Are you ready?" The ceremony is about to start." He says. "Yup were ready." I say slipping on my black rhinestoned heels. Holly, slips on her red ballet flats. El and Dani begin to walk down the isle with Liam and Louis once the music starts. I peek throught the door and see Niall, and Zayn at the alter.

*Niall's Pov*

The music starts and Danielle and Liam walk down the isle with Louis and Eleanor following behind. Harry was standing behind me and Zayn. He was our best man. They reach the end of the isled and the audience stands. Taylor and Holly walk through the doors. As soon as I saw heart stopped. She was absolutely beautiful. Her curled golden brown haird pulled to one side and draped over her right should perfectly. Her bright blue eyes stared back at me. Smiles grew on our faces. I look over at Zayn and he is completely mesmerized. His dumb smile seemed permanently glued to his face. He looked back at me and was as elated as I was. I look back at Taylor and she's a few feet away from me. Zayn and I hold out our hands and the girls take them. Taylor and I walk to the pastor and Zayn stands behind me and Holly behind Taylor. "Dearly beloved..." He began. He finally got through his whole speach and it was time for vows. "Repeat after me. I take you Taylor..." I repeated everything the pastord said while I slip on Taylor's ring and she does the same. " I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The pastor says. I look into Taylor's eyes and slide my arms around her waist. I kiss her passionately. The crowd erupts into applause. We let go and kept our foreheads touching. "Youre mine." I whisper. "Forever and always." She whispers back. We let go and I'm immediately hugged by Holly. "Congratulations!" She says and runs to Taylor. Harry walks to me slows and hugs me. "Congrats mate." He says glumly. I knew something was up but I was too happy to care. The rest of the boys congrautlate me. El and Dani too.

(A/N: There is another part to this that I will put as ch14. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was quite busy over the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas. How was everone's Christmas? I hope you all got what you wanted(: Anyway, Im quite tired right now and about to head to bed. So, G'night! Hope you like this part! -T) 

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