Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


12. Me? You? Forever?

-3 months later-

*Holly's Pov*

The past three months have been amazing! Niall and Taylor are back together aftere that little incident. They are now living together in an apartment down the street from us. Since we can't go a day without seeing each other, her living down the street was perfect. Louis, Liam and Harry still lived in the flat but they mostly came to mine and Zayn's apartment. They already came part of the family! I hear Zayn call out, "Hey babe, get dressed in something nice!" What could he be up to now? I get up and dig through my closet to find my dress that I bought a month ago. When I found it, I slipped it on and straighten my hair and apply simple makeup. I examine myself in the mirror one more time and go to the living room. I see Zayn standing at the bottom of the stairs. "You look beautiful!" He was wearing a tux. "You ready?" He asks holding out his hand. "Yup. Where we going?" I ask taking his hand. We walk out the door, "It's a suprise." He whispers.

A while later we pull into a fancy resturant. We go in and are immediately seated. We order our food. Zayn stops the waiter and whispers something to him. The waiter nods and walks away. "What was that about?" I ask curiously. "Oh nothing." He shakes off my question. The waiter comes back a few minutes later with our food in hand. He setds down my plate and written on the plate is, "Will you marry me? -Zayn." I look up and he's smiling at me. "Are you serious?!" I ask my face gleaming. "Yes Holly. I love you with all my heart and I'm rady to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you marry me?" He asks pulling out a blue velvet box. He opens it and inside is a beautiful diamond ring. I hear gasps from the booths around us. "Yes!" I say with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. We pay for dinner and go home to celebrate, if you know what I mean.

*Taylor's Pov*

~~Flashback to 1 month back~~

I wake up to expect Niall to be by my side. I feel around the bed a bit and he was no where to be found. I sit up and see a note on his pillow.

"Good Morning babe. Text me when you wake up. I had to leave early. Sorry. I love you."

I smile and grab my phone.

To Nialler<3: "Good morning love (: xx"

From Nialler<3: "Good morning beautiful. I won't be home today but dress up nice and be ready by 8. Meet me at Nandos. I love you."

To Nialler<3: "Ok babe. Love you too."

I put my phone in my pocket and go downstairs to get something to eat. I plop down on the couch and decide to watch movies all day.

-7 o'clock-

I go upstairs and take a quick shower. I get out and dry my hair and wrap myself in a towel. I curl my hair in loose dirty blonde ringlets. I go to our room and put on my flowy navy blue dress that Niall had bought for me. I apply a little mascara. I grab my phone off my bed and check the time, 7:45. I grab my phone, keys, and purse and head out the door.

A while later I pull into Nandos. I get out of my car. The lights were off and the parking lot was empty except for Nialls car. "You look absolutely stunning. Join me for dinner?" Niall asks startling me a bit. "Of course." I say and we walk inside. The lights were dimmed, candles were lit on a small round table in the middle of the room. "Why is no one else here?" I ask. "I reserved it just for us." He says pulling out my seat. He sits on the other side of the table and the waiters walked in. I realize its the boys! "What are you guys doing here?!" I ask laughing at their Nandos outfits. "Serving you. What the hells it look like." Louis smirks. They set down the food and some expensive champagne.

After we finished eathing the boys took our plates and left us alone. Niall turns on some soft music and we start to slow dance. I rest my head on his checks and his cheek on top of my head. He lifts my chin and looks straight at me. "Taylor, I love you with every being of my body. I want to be with you forever. So, I was wondering, will you be my  princess?" He takes a small velvet box and gets down on one knee awaiting my answer. "Yes!" I manage to get out. He smiles and slides the rin on my finger and kisses me.

(A/N: Okay so I know I usually just use a different chapter for the authors notes but I dont feel like it today. Just one chapter for Wednesday, I'll post another on Sunday. What do you guys think? No ones commenting:/ Oh well, If I write another one, will you guys read it? Anyway, hope you guys liked this chapter! -T

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