Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


10. Make up?

*Niall's Pov*

Taylor hasn't talked to me in a week since she saw Anne kiss me. I felt so horrible for hurting her like I did. I just wish she'd listen to me. I'm sitting in my room playing my guitar when my stomach growls. I put down my guitar and go get something to eat. I grab some leftover pizza and go to the living room to watch some of the telly. I walk in and Taylor is texting away on her phone. She sees me and starts to leave. "Taylor... please, I'm sorry.." I say feeling my heart sink. She doesnn't stop to listen to me and it hurt. I sit down on the sofa nadput the pizza on the table and bury my face in my palms. I hear light footsteps coming towards me. I feel a warmth surround me and see it's Holly hugging me. "Thanks." I say to her. She lays here cheek on the top of my head. "I promise it will get better." She smiles a little trying to cheer me up but Taylor was really the only one that could make me happy again.

*Harry's Pov*

I was sitting on my bed listening to music and going through my twitter, when Taylor jumps on my bed next to me. "Whatcha doing?" She asks with a smile on her face. "Oh, ya know, just going through twitter." I laugh. "Oh fun." She says sarcatically. I put my laptop down and pull her onto my lap. "Uh, what are you doing?" She asks a little freaked out. "Nothing just-" I start to say and tickle her. She starts squirming and laughing, making her face turn a bright pink. "Harry!" She laughs. "I can't breath!" I stop and let her cath her breath. "You're so mean!" She says playfully puching my arm. I laugh at her and she rolls her eyes. She was so beautiful. I really wanted her. She stops and we look at each other. I can't help myself and I lean in to kiss her. "Lads!" I hear Liam yell and we turn away. "We have a sound check to go to!" I set Taylor back on the bed and we walk out of the room. All the boys were already downstairs when we got there. "Um, sorry ladies but you can't come to the sound check." Liam tells the girls. "That's okay! We can hang out here!" Holly says. "Oh and by the way Eleanor and Danielle will be there tonight, you'll get to meet them." Louis says. "Cool, well you should get going so you're not to late." Holly says. She walks over to Zayn and pecks his lips. "Bye girls!" I say walking out the door.

*Zayn's Pov*

We arrive at the arena and meet management. "Practice now, you start with What Makes You Beautiful." Paul says. He was so pushy sometimes. "Do you think I could sing Gotta Be You and dedicate it  to someone?" I knew that Niall was talking about Taylor. We all knew how much he misses her. "Yeah buddyy!" Niall says and we laugh at him. We all run onto the stage. "Hey Josh!" I say to our drummer. "Hey mates! Ready to go?" He says. "Yep, let's do this poo!" Louis yells. We all laugh at Lou and start to sing. "You're insecure, dont know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door-oor." We finish the sound check and I text Holly.

To Holly<3: "Okay babe, we finished sound check. You can come to the arena now :)

From Holly<3: "Alright, be there soon. xx"

*Taylor's Pov*

The boys left a while ago to go to their sound check. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. Did he really try to kiss me? If he did, I dont know if I wanted to kiss him back. Holly's phone buzzed beside me. "Holly!" I yell at her. "I know, I know, I'm coming!" She yells back as she's checks her phone. "Okay, time to go!" She ays as she grabs my arms and pulls me out the door. We get to the arena and there are screaming girls everywhere. A couple of security guards escort us inside. We go to the boys changing rooms. Holly goes into Zayn's. "Hey babe, can you help me with something?" I hear Zayn before Holly closes the door. I walk down past Niall's and go to Harry's room. "Taylor! I haven't seen you in ages!" Louis says giving me a bear hug. "I know right, it's been like a whole two hours!" I say. He sets me down and starts laughing. "Hey Harry!" I say. "Hey Tator." He laughs. "Holly taught you that, didn't she?" I asked annoyed. Holly calls me that all the time. "Great.." I say sarcastically.

*Holly's Pov*

-1 hour later-

"Alright boys, show time!" Paul yells. "Okay girls, you two will be sitting in the fron row with Eleanor and Danielle." Zayn says. "Ok, good luck babe!" I say and kiss Zayn. When he doesn't let go of me, we stay and kiss for a good fifteen seconds. Louis whistles at us but I ignore him. Taylor grabs my arm and pulls me impatiently to our seats. I laugh and follow her. "Hey girls! I'm Dani and this is El!" Says Danielle with a huge smile on her face. "Hey, I'm Holly and this is Taylor!" I say. "Nice to meet you!" We sit down and the show starts.

*Niall's Pov*

The first song we sing is Moments and when we finish singing, I gather teh lads into a circle. "Okay, guys we are singing Gotta Be You, Harry can I sing your part?" "Um, sure." Harry says. "Thanks." I say. "Everyone enjoying themselves?" I ask the crowd and a roar of screams run through them. "Alright! We'll I'd like to dedicate this song to a very special person that I truly love and want her to know that." I look at Taylor, She's talking to Holly, but she looks up when she hears me say that and I point to her. The music starts and it finally got to the part I was gonna sing. "Can we fall, one more time, stop the tape and rewing, oh and if you walk away, I know I'll fade becausethere is nobody else, it's gotta be you!" I sing to her. I finish singing and the cameras point to Taylor's face. "Babe, I'm massively sorry for what happened. Will your forgive me and be mine?" A smile grows across her face. She walks onto the stage, walks up to me and kisses me passionately. We pull away and leave our foreheads touching. "Yes." She says and I kiss her lightly. She runs back off the stage to her seat and joins Danielle, El and Holly. They all get in this little huddle and squeal to each other. I laugh and finish the show.

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