Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


4. Lazy day

*Holly's Pov*

I wake up, it's really bright in m room because I didn't close the blinds. I grab my phone, and check my phone with one eye open, 9:00. I look over and see Zayn fast asleep. I feel his strong, warm arms around me and our legs interwined. I smile to myself. I reluctantly untanlge our legs and remove his arms. I look back at him before I leave the room. He lets out a soft snore and I chuckle quietly and head downstairs. My stomach growls a little, so I decide to make some pancakes. I take out everything I need and begin to cook.

*Taylor's Pov*

I wake up and see Niall fast asleep in his bed. I smile at his sweet face and quietly leave the room. I head downstairs with sleepy eyes. I walk in rubbing my eyes and smell pancakes. "Good Morning! Can you go wake the boys?" asks Holly. "Sure!" I say. I run down the hall to Liam's room first. I shake his shoulder lightly, "breakfast is ready." I whisper. He looks at me and nods. Then I walk across the hall to Louis and Harry's rom they were cuddled up together. "Wake up love birds!" I shout. They roll over a little with dissatisfied looks on their faces. I smile and wink at them. I go upstairs to go wake Zayn and Niall. I go to my room first. Niall was still sound asleep. I crawl into his bed with him and cuddle up next to him. His blue eyes flutter open and a smile grows on his face. "Good Morning beautiful." He says softly. "Race ya to the kitchen!" I shout as I start to bolt out of the room with Niall right behind me.

*Zayn's Pov*

I roll over a bit and go to tighten my arms around Holly but she wasn't there. I open my eyes and see a bright, empty room. I walk downstairs and see Holly making pancakes. I could hear the boys in the dining room with Taylor laughing about something. I sneak up behind Holly and wrap my arms around her waist. "Sleep well?" I whisper in her ear. "Yes. You?" She smiles. "Fine, thank you." I give her a friendly kiss on the cheek and go to join the boys and Taylor.

*Holly's Pov*

I walk into the dining room with a huge stack of pancakes. As soon as i set the plate on the table the boys attacked it. Grabbing four or five pieces each. I grab two and give the rest to Taylor. "Oh my God! These pancakes are amazing!" Louis says stuffing his face. "Thanks!" I smile in satisfaction. We all finished eating and Harry asks, "So what do you guys wanna do today since its pouring outside?" "Um.. We can play truth or dare." I offered. "Ok!" They agree. I grab a bottle and clear a spot in the living room. We sit in a circle and Liam goes first. He spins it and it lands on Taylor. "Truth or Dare?" She aks. "Uhh. Truth." He says. "Whats the worst thing you've ever done?" she asks. "Umm... Oh! One time someone sneezed and I didn't say bless you." We all laugh at him. It was Zayn's turn next. He spins the bottle and it lands on Louis.

*Zayn's Pov*

Of course with my luck it landed on Louis. I chose dare. "I dare you... to kiss on of these lovely ladies!" He exclaims. I look at Holly and she bluses. I get up and go sit next to her. I take her face in my hands and slowly kiss her. She kissed me back with her soft pink lips. Our lips moved together perfectly. The boys began to make "Oooh" sounds and whistle at us. I pull away and catch my breath. Holly and I have the biggest smiles on our faces. Her cheeks turn almost a tomato red. I chuckle and go back to my seat thinking about the kiss.

* Taylor's Pov*

After a while we were done playing the game. It was already about 12:30 so I decided to make some lunch. I look in the pantry and grab ingredients for tacos. I take out everything and begin to cook. Harry walks in and smells the tacos cooking. He rushes over to me and picks me up into a big bear hug. "Oh Taylor you angel!" He shouts. Niall walks in a few seconds later and sees us. I could see a glint of jealousy in his eyes and he tensed up. Harry puts me down and grabs a couple of tacos. Niall sat down next to me but didn't really say anything and he nibbled on the side of his taco. Harry on the other hand was attacking his. I look over at Holly. I was going to tell her to look over at Harry but she was staring into space with a dumb smile on her face. She has been like that since Zayn kissed her. I nudge her and she snaps back to reality.

* Niall's Pov*

I smelt something cooking and automatically went to investigate. I walk in to the kitchen and see Harry hugging Taylor tightly. I look away before Taylor can see that I got a little jealous. I grab some food and go sit next to Taylor in the dining room. We all finish eating and they all disperse to different places, leaving me and Taylor. "Can you help me with the dishes?" She asks. I nod and grab a couple plates. I walk right past her to the kitchen. She comes in right behind me. "Are you okay?" she asks puzzled. "Yeah, Im fine." I lied. "No your not is this about Harry hugging me?" I just look at her. "He was only doing that because of the tacos. You know how Harry likes his tacos." I just nod. She rolls her eyes and flips on the faucet and flicks a whole bunch of water at me. "Stop being like that!" She demands. She looks down at the huge water stain on my shirt and laughs. "Oh, its on!" I shout. We start to have this huge water fight. I grab a damp towel and smack her leg with it. "Ow!" She laughs. The floor starts to get soaked and I slip and fall hard on my bum. She sits by me and laughs so hard she cant breath. "Are you ok?" She manages to choke out. "Yeah, Im fine." I say rubbing my bum. She finally stops laughing and catches her breath. I look at her and say, "Look, I know I haven't known you for long but I want you to know that... I really do like you." I say shyly. I fell a soft hand on my cheek and I look up to see Taylor staring at my lips. We both lean in and I kiss her lightly.



(A/N: Hey guys! This is our very first fanfic! I'll be posting chapters most likely on either Sundays or Wednesdays!(: I hope you guys like it! Leave some comments below? -T

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