Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


5. Ice cream and touring?

*Zayn's Pov*

The next day we all layed around in the living room watching some telly. I look over at Holly, "Wanna go out somewhere?" I ask. "Sure" She says excitedly. "Let me go get ready." She says and runs up the stairs. I decide to go shower to. I use the downstairs bathroom. I quickly shower and change into my varsity jacket and dark denim jeans. I went back to the living room and wait for her. She comes down a few minutes later wearing almost the exact same thing as me. We laugh and we head out the door.

*Holly's Pov*

Zayn asked if I wanted to go out somewhere. I decided to go but first, I showered and changed. I put on my varsity jacket and skinny jeans. I walk downstairs and see Zayn wearing the same thing. We laugh at each other, and we headed out the door. A few minutes later we pull into an ice cream shop. I get a huge smile on my face, "Ice cream!" I squeal. He laughs and takes me inside. We order our ice cream and go sit in a booth. Zayn puts ice cream on his finger and taps it on my nose. He laughs at me. He leans in and kisses the ice cream off my nose. I blush and look away. We hang out at the shop for awhile, and we decide to go to the park. We walk around hand in hand. We sit on a park bench and he puts his arm around me. "Have fun?" he asks looking at me. "Yeah, I did. Thanks." I smile and him and kiss him ligthly.

*Taylor's Pov*

Zayn and Holly left about an hour ago, so it was just me and the boys. I decide to go and shower real fast. After I shower, I change into a off the shoulder top and denim shorts. I head back downstairs. I step off the last step and Niall appears beside me. He grabs my hand and leads me out the door. "Where are we going?" I ask. "You'll see." He says as we get into the car. A little while later he pulls into a local bowling alley. "I'm not so good at bowling." I say. "Its alright, I'll show you how." He says giving me a reassuring smile. We go in, get some shoes and a few bowling balls. 'One less lonely girl' by Justin Bieber comes on and Niall starts singing to me at the top of his lungs. I laugh and blush. We walk over to our land and I set up our game. I type in our player names, 'Nialler' and 'Taylor'.

*Niall's Pov*

I decide to take Taylor bowling. She goes first and hits two pins. She turns around and looks at me. "See!" She says throwing up her arms. I go up behind her and help her. I wrap my arms around her and we roll the ball. We make a spare. Im up next. I go up and scare a strike. "Show off!" She shouts playfully. I wink and bow at her. She laughs. We end our game with a score of 86 to 120. Of course I win. We start to head back home. We blast music the whole way home singing along to every song that came on. When we got home, Holly and Zayn were already back. They were watching telly with Lou and Liam. Harry was sprawled accorsthe floor, sleeping. Harry's phone lit up and its starts rining, scaring Harry awake. "Boys! It's Paul!" Harry says. We gather in a circle. "Hey Paul! You're on speaker." Harry says answering the phone. "Boys, you have to be back in the UK." He says. I look over and see shocked faces on Taylor and Holly's faces. "Hold on Paul." I say. I walk over to Taylor. "You know I wont leave you." I tell her. "Come with us." I say. Holly taps my shoulder and says "Really?" I laugh a little and say, "Yeah, really." I look back at Taylor. "Sounds cool.: She has a huge smile on her face. I walk back over to the boys. "Hey Paul, can we bring a couple of friends?" I ask hoping he says yes. He sighs in frustration, "I guess but you guys have to be packed and ready by Saturday." He says. It was Wednesday, so we had two days to get all seven of us ready. "Ok, we will be ready." Liam says.

*Holly's Pov*

The boys have to go back and they want me and Taylor to come with them. We had two days to get ready. What would my parents think? Zayn comes to my side and gives me a reassuring hug. "We better get started packing." I say.


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