Somethings are meant to be

Taylor and her best friend Holly, thought it would be just a regular day. That is, until they get called backstage to meet the famous boyband One Direction. What will happen?


9. Her? Again?

*Taylor's Pov*

I wake up expecting Niall to be by my side but he wasn't. I sat up and searched for him but the room was empty. I get up and go check the boys rooms. They weren't there either. I go into Zayn's room and jump on Holly. "Where'd the boys go?!" I whisper frantically. "I don't know. I just woke up!" She says pushing me off of her. "Well come on them!" I say and pull her out of bed. I drag her downstairs with me. We walk into the kitchen. There were the boys attempting to make breakfast. Holly and I burst out laughing. They all look over. "Good morning, Loves!" Liam says with a smile. "Morning!" We reply. "May I ask what you're doing?" Holly asks laughing. "Making you breakfast!" Says Louis holding up a pile of burnt pancakes. "Here, let us help." I say throwing away the pancakes. "Poor pancakes." Louis says jutting out his bottom lip. "No we wanted to make you girls breakfast!" Zayn pouts. Holly walks up and kisses his cheek. We show the boys how to make pancakes, eggs, and French toast."

*Niall's Pov*

The girls took over the cooking since we were absolutely pitiful at it. Their food was amazing! After breakfast the lads and I clean up. "We are gonna go out and have some girl time." Taylor says. "So, we are gonna go shopping!" Holly says clapping her hands together. Taylor grabs Holly's hand and pulls her upstairs. They come back down a few minutes laters with sunglasses and purses in hand. "See you guys later!" Taylor says and gives me a quick kiss. Holly runs over and does the same to Zayn. "See you guys later!" Taylor shouts and shuts the door. I hang out with the lads for a few hours, playing video games and stuff when there is a knock on the door. "I got it." I say and go to answer the door. I open it and see Anne. I completely forgot about her after I met Taylor. "Anne...?" I say shocked. "Hi, Niall. Can we talk?" She says. "Uh... sure." I say hesitantly. I walk with her into the living room. "So, I've been thinking and I really miss you and  I want you back." She says. "Anne, I've met someone else as i'm... in love with her." Next thing I know she's crushing her lips to mine. As I try to push her off me I hear a gasp at the doorway. I look over and see Taylor with tears streaming down her face. "Taylor... It's not-" I try to say but she pushes pass me leaving her bags at the door. I ran after her but a hand was on my shoulder. I turn around and see Holly with a furious look on her face. "Don't." She says.

*Holly's Pov*

"I didn't kiss back!" Niall explains. "She kissed me and I pushed her off!" "Okay fine, but you and the boys need to leave so I can talk to her. I know it's getting dark but please." I say. "Lads! Come on we're leaving." Niall calls. The boys walk in. "Where are we going?" asks Harry. "Out. Holly has to deal with things with Taylor." Niall says. "Okay." They agree and leave. I walk up to the guest room Taylor locked herself in. I knock on the door. "I got ice cream, movies and soda. Wanna talk?" She opens the door and I can see she's been crying a lot. Her were were all puffy and red. I take her hand walk her to the living room. I put in her favorite movie: Finding Nemo. That always seems to cheer her up. I open the large tub of ice cream and hand her a spoon. "You know, Niall didn't kiss-" I try to say but she cutt me off. "Yes he did. I saw him." She says fighting back more tears. "No Taylor. He was trying to push her off! She kissed him!" I tell her. She ignores me, scoops our some ice cream and watches the movie.

*Zayn's Pov*

The boys and I leave Holly to work things out with Taylor. Meanwhile, we take Niall out to Nandos to cheer him up a bit. After we order and recieve our food, I try to figure out what exactly happened. "So, what happened, mate?" I ask. "Anne.. That's what happened." He says. "Anne..?" Louis says. "I thought she was gone." "Well she showed up at the flat and she said she missed me and wanted me back. Then the next thing I know she was kissing me...and Taylor saw.." He explains. "Oh.. Im sorry." I say. He nods doubtfully and eats silently. My phone buzzes.

Text from Holly <3: "Hey babe, you can come home now."

To Holly<3: "Okay. be back soon. :) xx"

"Okay lads. Let's go." We drive back around 11 and Holly and Taylor are on the couch watching a movie. Kind of. Taylor had fallen asleep on Holly's lap. She hears us walk in and holds a finger up to her lips shushing us. Niall looks at Taylor and I could tell his heart sank. I pat his back and he gives me a fake smile and runs upstairs. The boys disperse to their rooms. I walk over to Holly. "Go on to bed. Taylor and I are gonna crash here." She says. "Okay babe. Sleep well." I say and kiss the top of her head. "Night." I say and run up the stiars. I change into a pair of sweats not bothering with a shirt. I climb under the duvet and try to sleep.


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