Wait For Me

This story is about best friends.... Angela and Angelica was best friends and they were best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam from one direction but before they became famous and they lost contact when Angela and Angelica went back to America to visit there family's and come back 3 years later and will they remember there 5 best friends or will they forget when they were little they was all like brothers and sister un seperatable they was that close Angela and Angelica are now 17 they was a little bit younger than the boys but anyways read and find out what happens :D


1. A/N

This story will be comeing soon
Authors: JayJayJoe and Angiepayne123
We are writing it for my sister AngelicaJo and best friend Angiepayne123
Like Comment nd Fav please thanks :DDD
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