Boiler Banshee


1. Just a normal client

Jamie was a plumber. He fixed pipes, toilets and boilers. Jamie had been sent out to fix a little old woman's bolier. This was normal to Jamie. When he arrived at the woman's house, which was a small bungalow, the small woman greeted him at the door.

"Hello dearie!"

"Hi Mrs.Yamkahack!" said Jamie.

Jamie walked into the small bungalow. A blast of cold air hit him. He shivered.

"Would you like a cup of tea, dearie?" asked Mrs.Yamkahack.

"Sure, Mrs.Yamkahack."

Jamie sat down in the old armchair. He sank in comfortably. After a while Mrs.Yamkahack came in holding two cups.

" You will suffer. Suffer! Rattle my bones, rattle my bones!" Mrs.Yamkahack shreeked, with blank eyes.

Jamie drank his tea quickly. Mrs.Yamkahack was completly normal after that. Jamie went up stairs to work on the boilers. Mrs.Yamkahack heard Jamie's tools for a while, but then the noise stopped. Mrs.Yamkahack went up stairs to investigate. What she saw made her faint and fall to the floor. Written on the wall, in Jamie's blood,


Jamies body was never found, but Mrs.Yamkahack's was. What she saw scared her to death. The house that Mrs.Yamkahack lived in was abandoned, that house was 73 Oakly Street, but that's a completly different story.

Here is my advice to you, dear reader. Never become a plumber, because the boiler banshee is still lurking somewhere. In a boiler. In your home.

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