How We Say Goodbye

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? More importantly, what happens when they fall in love with you?

This captivating romance follows two childhood friends through their teens, watching old feelings bloom into something more. The only problem? There is something holding them back: fear. As Wyatt and Liz struggle to control their new emotions, they will find the fear of the unknown is their biggest obstacle, and possibly what drives them apart. Will their friendship endure? Or will the "butterflies in the stomach" lead them both into a much lonelier state?


2. Nothings Changed

   The dull bell rang briefly, releasing a swarm of awkward, smelly, hormonal adolescents into the hallways. Liz scooped her armful of books from her desk and shoved them roughly in her bag, throwing it over one shoulder and brushing her silky auburn hair out of her face and behind one ear. She stepped out into the hall, fighting against a sea of students all rushing to get home and celebrate the weekend.She fought her way to her locker and opened it, exchanging her books for her homework and grabbing the baggy hoody she always wore from its hook. Just as she shut her locker, someone violently grabbed her from behind and began to tickle her. She lifted her foot and stomped down hard, giggling as Wyatt hopped on one foot while clutching the other, howling and pretending to be in serious pain. 

   "Gotcha!" she shouted triumphantly as she fist pumped the air.

   "Yeah, yeah, yeah. But next time you are mine, cupcake!" He taunted her, a mischievous smile spreading across his face. "Little girl, you better get use to the smell of defeat. Come Monday, you are going to reek of it!" He laughed, mussing her hair in an attempt to provoke her. It worked, and she reached out at him, narrowly missing his arm as she attempted to grab him.

   "So, are you gonna give me a ride home or what?" she asked, feigning anger. "'Cause it sure is a long walk home, and it isn't safe for 'little girls' to be walking home by themselves, is it Wyatt?" she asked, teasing him.

"Good thing nobody would ever want to kidnap your obnoxious ass then, isn't it?" he retaliated, snatching her bag from her and heading towards the parking lot. She jogged after him, a huge smile playing across her face. She jumped in the cab of his pick-up, making faces at him as he crawled in.

   "So, I was thinking..." she started innocently, looking up with him with a smile he knew all to well.

   "Oh no, here we go again. Another brilliant plan ending in our being grounded." he laughed, waiting expectantly to hear the details she was keeping from him. 

   "Timmy Fitzerson is having a bonfire down at his place tonight. I was invited, and so were you. We haven't ever been to a party before..." she trailed off, looking at him expectantly.

   "Do you know how much trouble we would be in if we got caught?" he asked her. "And you thought egging the school was bad!" Her face fell and she jutted out her lower lip, clearly pouting.

   "If you were my best friend, you would come with me." she sighed, glaring at him.

   "Of course I'm coming! I cant let you have all the fun! I just wanted to make sure you understood this will be lots of trouble," He smiled, giving in. After all, they were best friends. Nothing had changed. 

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