How We Say Goodbye

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? More importantly, what happens when they fall in love with you?

This captivating romance follows two childhood friends through their teens, watching old feelings bloom into something more. The only problem? There is something holding them back: fear. As Wyatt and Liz struggle to control their new emotions, they will find the fear of the unknown is their biggest obstacle, and possibly what drives them apart. Will their friendship endure? Or will the "butterflies in the stomach" lead them both into a much lonelier state?


3. High On Life

   Liz climbed up the stairs to her bedroom, purposefully dragging her feet to mimic a tired teenager. She closed her door quietly, and went to work. She brushed out her long auburn hair, playfully twirling a strand around her finger as she decided what to do with. She had never been one for wearing makeup, and her hair was always down or pulled back into a simple ponytail. Deciding against an intricate braid or complicated up-do, she opted to curl the wavy mass of copper framing her face. She struggled at first, deciding how to position the hot iron in such a way so that she wouldn't burn herself. Eventually, she figured it out, and morphed the curtain of silk around the crown of her head into loose curls, gently falling across her shoulders and back. Satisfied with the result, she unplugged the curling iron and reached for her make-up bag. 

   Over the years, various friends and relatives had supplied her with all feminine make-up products available. Nail polish, hair clips, eye shadow, lip gloss, and mascara all lay unopened and unused. She debated for several minutes, unsure how much of what to apply. She decided a little golden eye shadow to enhance her bright green eyes, a rose-petal lip gloss, some thickening mascara, and a small line of smoky eyeliner across her upper eyelid. After convincing herself she wasn't too over-the-top, she went to her closet and grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans and a plain, form fitting, black t-shirt. Then she sat back to wait, excitement coursing through her veins.

   The warm September breeze blew softly in her face as she waited at the end of her long dirt road. Her bike was stashed in the bushes, and she waited for the familiar Chevy truck to pull up and let her in. She looked at the sky and admired the billions of twinkling stars. As she stared up at the dark night sky, she heard the familiar rumble of the old five-speed pickup truck she associated with Wyatt. He pulled over, leaning across the cab to open the door for her. She hopped up and clambered into the faded blue pickup. Wyatt paid her no attention, purposefully looking around to make sure no one saw them. She fastened her seat belt, and he pulled back onto the pavement, heading off to Timmy's. 

   "Howdy, pardner," she said in a southern drawl, finally catching attention. He smiled and turned to look at her. He opened his mouth to say something but abruptly stopped, awestruck at the girl before him.

   "Is that make up? And you curled your hair? Wowza Lizzy, I didn't know you had a lick of feminism in you!" he mocked, trying to his best to provoke her.

   "For your information, Wyatt, I happen to be very feminine. I just choose not to waste my energy being pretty around you!" she grumbled, but ducked her face so he wouldn't see her blush. He laughed, brushing the insult aside, and they rode in silence the rest of the way.

   They were the last to arrive at Timmy's party, and everything was in full swing. A large fire pit was surrounded by people, all holding cups with various alcoholic beverages. A few pickups, newer and with modified stereos, were parked with the doors open and music from the local station blasting near the creek. A couple people danced, while others roasted hot dogs in the warm fire. Wyatt and Liz quickly mingled with the others, grabbing cups of their favorite brews and migrating towards the fire to laugh and joke with their friends.

   The firelight danced across the faces of the people surrounding Liz. The heady liquor in her cup made her throat tingle and her head feel light, but she enjoyed the bitter kick and sweet bliss it left her. She found herself laughing more and more, enjoying the blasting music and friendly faces around her. She looked across the fire, and saw Wyatt staring at her. She smiled broadly, and he nodded his head slightly and winked. Blushing again, she stood up and walked around the fire, swaying slightly, until she stood right before him. She laughed heartily for a moment, then sighed.

   "Wyatt, would you like to dance?" she said loudly, bravely, for all to hear. He knew this wasn't like her, that she was too shy to ever ask that loud, but nodded and stood anyways. He knew it was the liquor in her that made her behave like this, but he couldn't resist. She looked so beautiful, and he just couldn't help but say yes.

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