How We Say Goodbye

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? More importantly, what happens when they fall in love with you?

This captivating romance follows two childhood friends through their teens, watching old feelings bloom into something more. The only problem? There is something holding them back: fear. As Wyatt and Liz struggle to control their new emotions, they will find the fear of the unknown is their biggest obstacle, and possibly what drives them apart. Will their friendship endure? Or will the "butterflies in the stomach" lead them both into a much lonelier state?


5. Confessions

   Pressed against Wyatt, his breath strong and steady beneath her hand on his chest, Liz felt safe. Secure, comforted, and....loved? Shit, she didn't know. She was too drunk to know. All she was aware of  was his strong, warm hands on either side of her face cradling her. And his full, luscious lips, inching ever so slowly towards her. She should have stopped. She should have thought it through. But her blood was thick with liquor, and her head was swimming. Recklessly, she leaned in to Wyatt, and felt his lips graze hers softly, then press against her mouth with a passionate force belonging to a man who had been starved of a woman's affections for all too long a time. He tasted sweet, like a ripe strawberry bursting in her mouth. After that first taste, she couldn't get enough, and dove in with as much passion as Wyatt was kissing her with. 

   Carefully, Wyatt slowed; going from fast and furious kisses to briefer, sweeter ones full of emotion. He labored heavily to catch his breath, eyes closed and his forehead leaning against Liz's. He could hear her struggling for breath as well, and slowly raised his head and opened his eyes. She did the same, and met his eyes with a brilliant smile that filled him with such joy that he could barely contain himself. He laughed softly, then brushed aside her hair to expose her neck before leaving a soft, lingering kiss on the sensitive skin just above her collarbone. 

   "Elisa, I love you. I have loved you for as long as I can remember. You have always been so sweet and strong, so independent and beautiful. I have dreamed about this moment all my life, and I never imagined that I could feel love. With you. Oh, Lizzy-" He stammered, his words tumbling over his tongue in a rush. He had no control as the words babbled out of him. Suddenly he stopped, blushing violently. Liz had lost her brilliant smile, and replaced it with a small furrow between her eyebrows while she bit her lip. She was thinking, hard. 

   "Wyatt, you're my best friend. My brother. My play-mate. I have always cared for you. But recently, things have changed. I no longer see you as the little boy, slicing his hand open for me. I see you as a strong man, independent and free. And because of that, my feelings for you have changed. Tonight made me realize something. All those years together, especially tonight, have made me understand everything. Wyatt, I-" 

   Bright red and blue flashing lights and a loud "whooooop" of a siren cut Liz off before she could finish, and they both whirled around to see the county Sheriff pull in by the campfire, followed by two deputies. Kids scattered, toppling cups of alcohol and losing shoes in their mad dash to escape. Wyatt grabbed Liz and pulled her across the stream, into the thicker woods. They hid behind some wild blackberry bushes, the sharp brambles pulling at Liz's curled hair. 

   "Shit! That was close! Here," Wyatt whispered, pulling off his jacket. "Put this on to stay warm, and head home. We will have better luck if we split up. I will sneak back around and grab my truck from the road. Thank God we didn't pull down here by the creek. Go ahead and head home, and be sure you don't get caught. We'll both catch hell." 

   "Alright. Be careful, you're truck's pretty loud when you first start it up. I'll see you Monday, okie dokie?" Liz replied, heading in the direction of her house. 

   "Wait! Lizzy!" whispered Wyatt loudly. She stopped and turned back around to face him. He quickly strode over to her and pulled her close for a brief hug, then tilted her chin up and kissed her lightly, only barely grazing her lips, before heading off into the dark woods. Trashed, Liz stumbled her way home, satisfied to see all the lights were off. 

   "Mission completed," she giggled, before climbing up to her window on the second floor via the rope ladder she had made many years ago. It was to serve just this purpose, and hung from her window until she pulled it in after a long night of forbidden fun. Crawling into bed, she drifted off, the alcohol wearing her out quickly. 

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