It is about a dog called Penny who Sarah got for Christmas the family didn't like Penny being around at first but then they got used to her "but all that mattered was that she was mine and only mine". Then it brings you through Penny's birth to 10 wonderful pups.


3. Their First Trip To The Vets (it's short)

Penny and her pups all got into the boot of the car(we had a seven seater so the boot was pretty big) while me and Naomi sat in the back of the car with the middle seat down and mum drove. Penny's pups had never been in a car before so they were a bit scared on the way there but on the way home they were fine.

The vet was really nice and said that Penny is a really nice dog and so are all of the pups. Mum said now we have tothink of names for five of them and the vet came up with Snowy or Snowflake for the white one. So the white one was called Snowflake. 

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