It is about a dog called Penny who Sarah got for Christmas the family didn't like Penny being around at first but then they got used to her "but all that mattered was that she was mine and only mine". Then it brings you through Penny's birth to 10 wonderful pups.


4. Seperating The Pups And Their Names

The time had come for the pups to go to their new homes, but when my aunt came there was a side to Penny that we had never seen before, she started to growl at my aunt and wouldn't let her near any of the pups, but when anyone else came she was fine. We couldn't give my aunt a pup if that was the way that Penny was going to react so my aunt didn't get one instead my aunt Alice got the pup which was a good idea as she lives with her son who works all day so she is alone.

Penny got a bit upset for the first two weeks so we made a schedual that meant that Penny could see all her pups so she wouldn't be as sad as them not beig there anymore.

Oh I forgot to tell you that there was six female pups and four male pups.

Penny's pups were called Snowflake (the white one, all the rest are choclate coloured), Buster, Bruno, Coffee, Tyson, Bailey,  Cookie, Truffles, Daisy and Pixie. The first four (not including Snowflake) is boys and the rest (including Snowflake) is girls.

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