It is about a dog called Penny who Sarah got for Christmas the family didn't like Penny being around at first but then they got used to her "but all that mattered was that she was mine and only mine". Then it brings you through Penny's birth to 10 wonderful pups.


2. Penny And The 10 Pups

Penny was starting to get fatter and fatter and fatter but we weren't over feeding her. It was a real mystry but 9 months later we found out wahat was wrong she was having pups. We went down stairs to see Peny when we seen 9 chocolate labadore pups and 1 pure white labadore pup. I went up stairs to get mum and told her Ihad a surprise for her, mum was very tired so she was in a bad mood but when she seen the pups she done the exact same of what she done when she first seen Penny.

Naomi fell in love with two of them she fell in love with the white one and one of the chocolate ones. So we kept all of them because dad wanted one for just plain plesure and granny and granda took one, my aunt took one and my next neighbour took two. Nobody wanted the last one but me so mum said if I saved up for all of the food and all I could keep it but she would pay for the food for now.

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