The Only One

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4. Truth

Niall's P.O.V:

Someone started knocking. Harry went up to get it. We were all in the living room watching Friends. Then the same girl from English walked in. I found my eyes search her body again. I felt something towards her. Something wierd. It's like I hated her, but I loved her. I once again found my eyes travel to her tattoos. I wanted so badly to know what they meant. Her name was Olivia. "Niall, are you okay?" Liam whispered in my ear. It snapped me back to reality. "Oh yea. I'm fine." He smiled then returned to asking her if she wanted to stay for dinner. We were ordering pizza and chinese. What a great pair. Ha! "Oh crap!" She suddenly yelled. "What's wrong?" Louis asked. "I forgot something at home." she said sounding mad. "I'll come with you." I volunteered without realizing. "Okay." She answered quieltly. We started to walk across the yard. "So, can you tell me?" I asked hoping that she knew what I meant.

Olivia's P.O.V:

We started to walk back to my house, when he asked "So, can you tell me?" I knew exactly what he meant. I sighed. "A couple of years ago I found out that I had Hypothyroidism. It was making me sluggish, tired, hungry, and upset. I was put on many different medications. I was over weight and I needed to change. So, after I lost about 15 pounds a boy that I really liked made fun of me for being overweight. So I got mad. I need strength and will power to get me throught the process. The process took about 14 months. After that I went from 177.7 pounds to 132 pounds. I keep track. My mom said that I could get them to remind myself of the things I did. She said I was an insparation." I didn't lookack at Niall, but I could tell he felt sorry for me but also happy that I did what I did. After we got in the house Niall asked "So what did you need?" "I forgot to feed my dog and call my sister." After feeding my dog, I called my sister. My sister's name is Emilia and she 5. She is staying at my aunt for a few days, while my mom is having her 'busy' week. She usually isn't home at this time of the year. She has to do a big presentation and report on why she should keep her job for the next year.

Phone Conversation:

Me: Hey Em, how are you?

Emilia: Good sissy! Auntie Cindy is making pizza!

Me: That's great sweetie! I just wanted to check up on you!

Emilia: Okay sissy! I love you! I have to go. we're going to eat now!

Me: Bye. Love You.

We hung up. I turned around to see Niall staring at me. "Why do you hide yourself?" He asked determind to find an answer. "I know you're not as mean as you act like." He added. I looked up at him. My face fell. "I hardened. I don't want to get hurt again." I sighed. Before he could answer I said "Let's go back now. They are probably wondering where we are." We started walking towards the house.

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