The Only One

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3. Love You But Hate You

Olivia's P.O.V:

I felt bad that I made Niall upset. "Look Niall, I didn't mean to make you upset or anything." He didn't reply, but his eyes started to search me like he was trying to find something. "Strength. Will Power." Was what he said. He read my tattoos. I had one on my collar bone and one on the right side of my right wrist. "What do they mean?" He asked inocently. "Look, I was apologizing. That doesn't mean I'm going to tell you my whole back story." The bell rang. I grabbed my books and left. I went through the rest of my classes half listening to what all my teachers said. All I could think about was Niall's face after what I did. I felt wierd towards him. Like, I hated him, but I loved him. At the end of the day I walked over to the North Wing to meet up with Erin like we usually did. We lived in Bay Bridge, Florida. It was pretty boring here. All we did was hang out at the beach and the carnival streets. We got into the car and headed to the mall. After all, we didn't get any new clothes for the new school year. The mall was in Tampa. We had a while to go, so we stopped for some coffee at starbucks. "Hi. Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get for you today?" The waiter asked through the microphone. "Um.. Two tall salted caramel lattes, and two gingerbread biscuits please." I answered. We rolled up to the window to pay and get our things. On the way to the mall, Erin and I got into a heated argument about who was hotter. Channing Tatum or Zac Efron. We fought the whole ride laughing when one of us gave a dumb exlanation.

We pulled into the mall parking lot still drinking our coffees. We first headed to Forever 21. It was our favorite store. My family owned the Supri Beach Club. I wasn't popular. At all. I hated people like Ira, so snotty and rude. Anyway, since it was just my mom, sister, and I, we got big allowences. I usually spent mine on gas and shopping. After we shopped for a while more, we went to the food court for something to eat. We don't like the school lunches because we would have to eat at the 10 in the morning and its usually leftovers from the seniors bingo games and dinners. Ew. As we got our chinese and another coffee, we sat down at the first table we spotted. "So, how was your first day of school?" I asked Erin. She looked up from her tray of food and smiled. "Good. I met one of those boys from One Direction." She said. "Hmm really? So did I." I answered non-chelontly. "He gave me his number." She smiled. "Hahaha. Who's?" I asked. "Zayn's." She answered with a sly smile. "Ohlalala." I said while shaking my shoulders towards Erin. She smiled. "He's really super nice and funny. He's also very cute." I smiled. We finished our lunch and went to a couple other stores before heading home.

When I got home, I noticed a note on the counter.


Hey Liv! I'm sorry I couldn't be at home when you got home the after your first day. I feel absolutly terrible. Please forgive me? Anyways, you can have Erin over, (or some secret lover you have) and order a pizza. Also, we have new neighbors! I baked them a pie. Would you be a dear and bring it to them? Love, Momma. xx

I smiled at my mother's note. She was the nicest person you could ever meet. She was also a great cook. I went over to the stove and grabbed the pie. I walked next door and knocked on the door. Then a handsome boy with brown curls and emerald green eyes opened the door. I smiled. "Hi. Are you the new neighbors?" I asked. "Yes, we are." It was then that I noticed that he was another part of One Direction. Great my new neighbors were One Direction. "Um, my mom made a pie for you guys." I said slowly. "Thanks! Wow, it smells delicious! Come on in." I stepped inside feeling a bit nervous. Niall was here. He started to walk towards the kitchen. I followed. "Lads, meet.. " He looked back at me a bit embarrassed that he didn't catch my name. "Olivia." I answered sweetly. "Hi!" They all shouted at once. Except Niall. "How about you stay for dinner, Olivia?" A boy I learned who was called Liam asked. I looked at my phone clock. It was only 6:30. "Sure." I answered with a smile.

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